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  • Mitchell R. Alegre - Inspiration and warning

    Jeffrey Selingo, an editor for "The Chronicle of Higher Education," has written a clear, balanced, up-to-date account of the challenges confronting higher education and their meaning for the future of American education. Selingo's book provides inspiration for those seeking to transform American higher education and a warning to those defending a broken system. In his book "College (Un)bound," Selingo traces the emergence of the challenges currently confronting higher education, the five disruptive forces changing the educational system, and the five ways higher education will change in the future. Selingo not only sites innovative examples throughout the book but also provides a section that summarizes specific projects conducted by colleges and universities of all types that are reshaping the face of higher education. A must for students considering college and their parents is a separate section that provides checklists for how to choose the right college. Educators, parents, and students will find value in reading this book and considering its many examples and lessons concerning the future of higher education and what it means for students and those who care about them.

  • Jon - Fast Delivery, product was just as described.

    Product got here faster than stated -- arrived brand new, just as described. The Keurig Mini Plus Brewer was the perfect birthday gift for a friend getting ready to head off to medical school. It will surely be put to good use!

  • Jason - Easiest tax software = huge return

    I've used this product every year for several years now. It makes tax preparation so simple. It guides you through each step by asking simple questions and has help buttons you can click throughout the process if you have questions. It was so easy to use. Once I had all my tax information available, I prepared my own taxes in just over an hour. I also love that they have audit support and guarantee the largest return. Very happy with H&R block - saves me from having to hire an accountant!

  • Crustee - The Best Probiotic

    I have been buying Align for several months now, and I haven't looked back. I used to experience pain in my abdomen after every time I ate, but I no longer do. And the bacteria in this product (B. infantis) has actually been scientifically proven to help with GI symptoms, so you're not buying a placebo.