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  • Average Regular Guy - Has the potential to help many marriagesThis book has the potential to help marriages everywhere that may be lacking in the sizzle. It's basically a self improvement book for men to recognize how and why they are who they are, and recommends improvements to make in themselves with the goal of improving their married sex lives. I can say with first hand experience that his approach and techniques work and have added a quick spark into an already great marriage. I would recommend this book to any couple who is interested in gender roles of married men and those interested in having a healthier relationship and sex life with their spouse.
  • BJ - Worth every cent!Several years ago I had a bout of alternating BV and yeast infections, all due to pH imbalance. It took me almost a year of different meds from the doctor to get back in balance. A few months ago when I started having issues again, I knew I did not want to go through months of misery so I did some research and came across these. Within a few days everything was back to normal and I've had no issues since! A small price to pay to make sure everything is healthy and happy!

    UPDATE 06/03/13:

    I have found it does not pay to try a cheaper alternative. Things were going well, but I didn't want to stop taking something completely in case it came back, so I switched to a much cheaper homeopathic brand that also was in a "probiotic base". What a mistake!!! I'm right back where I started 6 months ago! So now I have to undergo treatment, and you can bet I'm switching right back to this. I would much rather spend money to prevent than to suffer and try to cure.
  • A. D. Lum - Windows Server 2012 Inside OutThe first thing I noticed about this book is the author - William Stanek. There are a few authors whom I know produce quality technical books. William Stanek is one of them. Going past the cover, I was not disappointed. Here are the thumbs up things about this book:

    1) It's big. That in itself is meaningless, but because this is a quality book, bigger means more coverage. It's complete and then some.
    2) It has a pleasing layout. Where necessary it uses bulleted/enumerated lists, step-by-step instructions, screenshots, tables and highlighted sections. So what? It uses these visual aids to clearly convey the material is an easy-to-understand manner (as opposed to cryptic).
    3) The font choice is simple and easy on the eyes.
    4) The writing style is spot on for me. It's a non-pedantic instructional voice with no bad attempts at humor. It's the flow and cadence one would expect from a good teacher.

    Peruse the table of contents (here at the Amazon website). If that's the material you want to learn, know that it is communicated very well and buy with confidence.
  • roebles - Love this!!!!!!!We love love love our stroller; had recieved a used Graco travel system, and are using the infant car seat (free & is good for what it is, can't wait to get out of the infant size car seat tho) But we hated the stroller it came w/. Very heavy & bulky, took up whole trunk space. So we purchased this stroller. Our main concerns were, how much it weighed, compact fold, how much weight could carry (our 5yr old could get in this stroller) AND it's just perfect, love it! very easy to put together too. Love the bright red coloring. Basket underneath not very big, hard time putting my person under (medium size) & not for shopping purchases but will hold jackets and smaller bags. Love that front wheel locks, for jogging & love the extra large canopy, very functional depending on weather