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  • Jose Castillo - I tried to cancel this order because of the recent reports of bad units, glad i did not!

    To be honest I got scared and attempted to cancel this order, because of the reported issues of some units with problems however everything went smoothly.

    The package arrived perfectly, not even a dent on the retail box it seems everything was handle with care.
    Opened up the box and took out the console
    I used my old HDMI cable and power cord from my old PlayStation 3 console (yes, it does work)
    After the initial menu i went straight ahead and updated the firmware to version 1.51
    I downloaded all the free games with the PSN+ account (they were like 5) you guys are going to love Resogun (classic 2D shooter)
    I also used the voucher that with the box with 3 reedemeble codes (1 month of PSN+, 1 month of Music Unlimited and finally 10 dollars to your PSN+ account)

    The console is silent, it boots fast , runs warm
    Dual Shock 4 Sticks does not feel loose like the PS3 ones and also the triggers are way better than before
    The USB connector of the Dual Shock 4 is USB Micro (you can use any USB micro without any issues)
    The user interface is fast and user friendly

    No demos of big games such as Killzone, NBA 2K14, etc
    No DLNA support yet (they promise this feature is gojng to be added after a future firmware update)

  • Jason - Diet Works If You Have Will Power

    The information in this book probably saved my life. I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, with lots of blood, mucus, and pain. The medications offered by my doctor's only had moderate and short-term effects. So I searched for alternative treatments. The diet in this book works. I have been completely symptom free for about 18 months now and feel better than I have in YEARS. Be warned that the diet is very hard to follow at first, and you need lots of willpower, and having supportive family and friends may be necessary. For example, my wife makes me lots of SCD diet desserts, which has been crucial. There is hardly any food I miss now, and I can't argue with the results.

  • James Bond "007" - Phenomenal code and architecture - best A/V and anti-malware.

    Webroot - this is clearly THE best antivirus ever created. I wouldn't be surprised if it blocked the NSA malware and snooping activities as well. The code is tight and fast resulting in super fast scans, false positives are extremely rare, and I've yet to see a malware penetrate Webroot. The best part is the small footprint both in memory and on the hard drive. Previously I loved Prevx v3.0, but WRSA is the next generation, designed by the same key team members as Prevx (post company merger). As a consultant, I often use WRSA to find malware after a client failed to find them with other "popular and competing a/v packages". You can fill in the blank. ;-) Having the latest competitor's virus definitions is no longer a benefit. Lastly, unlike competitors, when one has a solid suggestion or bug report, often the WRSA team will fix it within hours/days unlike the competition which MAY look at the problem months later if at all (I speak from years of such experience as a software engineer, IT consultant and contributor).

  • Rina Kitty - Great for even collage students

    I've had this backpack now for about 3 months (using it everyday and in all honesty putting it through Hell), and it's still holding up strong. I'm a fairly small person (under 5 feet tall), so this backpack fits perfectly. It rolls easily, it has a lot of room, and it just adorable! I'm a college student and it holds up to the high demands of a full time school schedule. Great backpack, I'd recommend it :)

  • William C. Hall, Jr. - Investing laymen should run out and buy this excellent primer

    Ms. Rittenhouse's "how to" book is the best of its genre that I have ever encountered. At the risk of overstatement, it is an incredible, insightful analysis of how to get past the warm and fuzzy prattle that public corporations too often dole out. The even better news is that the investing layman at last has a tool through which he or she can gain the necessary perspective to manage a personal portfolio.