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  • Kevin Cooper - This is what we have been waiting for ...

    This upgrade provided to zest my old laptop needed. Even with a few accompanying upgrades to my main applications it was a lot cheaper than a laptop replacement and suited my immediate needs.
    For years since Windows 3.1 etc., we have wondered what took so long. This is now a thing of the past
    I did experience some difficulty with the upgrade as some applications were unexpectedly parked in the old windows folder and essentially disabled. This was after in ran the compatibility program and neglected to check on the applications that it chose not to mention.

  • doron shalev - Great !!

    So far the tablet has been really fun along with helpfull. I origanly got it so that my wife could access etc. That takes away the time we spend together. Our Fun is all the way of the house. Often I found it isolated. This smart thing has allowed us along with myself less restricted or confined to the back on wich it displays me. I have never even manipulated a befor. I always thought they were very limited and could not perform the average tasks. However I have been proven wrong. Surfing !!!!