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  • DSD "mzdee" - Now that you put it that wayI got this as a promo with TurboTax. I'm pretty good with money but not the kind of person who puts pen to paper routinely. Well, Quicken changed my perspective, showing me where I really need to tweak some things. I wasn't outrageous, but I can do better in some categories. I love that it pulls data from all of the accounts and smacks me on the head with it.
  • - Amazed In CaliforniaI have had psoriasis for almost 30 years and have suffered all the discomfort and humiliation this disease can cause. I have had dreadful reactions to all the prescription drugs, so the idea of a diet was so welcome. However, I didn't really think it would work. It has been five months,and I have made amazing progress, especially since it is winter. There have been flare ups when I have strayed from the diet or have been under unusual stress. However, I am about 65% clear and what remains is not rough and flaky. All of this improvement has been without any presciption drugs of any kind. The remaining affected areas are reddish or pink, but smooth and flexible. I am confident that the improvement will continue. There is hope for anyone with this affliction, but it does require patience........
  • SeattleBaBe - Bye Bye Face SweatingBefore I used it, I couldnt walk for 4 minutes without having my face sweating like HILL. It was so embarrassing and my makeup never stayed on. Now I use it once a week and I can walk for MILES and workout without a DROP of sweat. Truly a miracle and a lifesaver. whoever invented this should get a NOBEL prize.
  • Cynthia G. Stine "Book fan" - Publishers Need to Take NoteI've had my Kindle since the end of October and it has changed my life. I LOVE it. It is like having a bookstore with me all the time available for browsing 24/7. For a book lover, this is a dream come true. Oprah wasn't even close to excited enough. I talk to everyone around me about the Kindle. I download samples constantly and end up buying a lot of them.

    I read even more - if that's possible - and I've gotten to the point where I'm not as interested in books that aren't available as e-books. As a small non-fiction book publisher, I know what this means. Kindle readers are the most enthusiastic and most prolific readers - the ones that keep the publishing industry in business. I've advised all my clients that we will have their books available in Kindle and I'm surprised at how many publishers have been slow to adopt. It is so easy to make a Kindle version of a book - anyone can do it! I spend time on Amazon clicking the "tell the publisher..." button but I'm still dismayed that certain of my favorites are not available on Kindle yet. I would gladly buy certain books again in Kindle just to be able to always have them with me.

    I like blogs on Kindle, too, and subscribe to several. I'm waiting for the Dallas Morning News to be on Kindle and I'll switch my subscription. I've teetered on the edge of canceling my subscription for about a year because of the hassle of paper - but I don't like reading online. The Kindle would change that for me.

    Publishers take note - you'll lose out if you don't have Kindle versions.