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California Pacific Medical Center 415-600-6000 | San Francisco Hospital Sutter Health Network - California Pacific Medical Center CPMC (415) 600-6000 in San Francisco, a Sutter Health affiliate, is one of the largest private, not-for-profit, academic medical centers in California, providing tertiary care, residency & fellowship training, and engaged in active research.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 95655 Mather Field, California

  • Shawna - this book will change your lifeThis book is not a diet, but a way to better understand your body and it's response to foods. I lost 10lbs the first four days, and the more amazing part was I felt better and had more energy then I had in months. Now, that being said it takes commitment and work on your part, you must cook and you must be willing to commit to seeing what works. I will take what I have learned from this book and the plan and use it forever. I am grateful every day to have come across this :)
  • Impostor - Transformer Prime RocksIssues: I have found that the device will get bogged down if you dont know how to close you webpages or apps. Also there is definitely some light bleed from the side of the screen with the headphone jack on it, and putting pressure on that side will make it worse. Personally though, I don't find these things to be that much of an issue because I dont get uptight about little things. The first issue is a software thing that can be fixed the other is hardware, but not something I personally would care to much about. GPS is not in my realm of concern as I would never use a tablet of this size in this manner. However, I can see this being a problem for some.

    Awesomeness: This device is my first Andriod so my opinion cannot be judged vs. other andriod devices. I did have an itouch and I can say I will never go back to Apple ever again. This device is smooth and a pleasure to use. I have not had any wifi issues at all. Movies stream very nicely and games are just insane. Using the web is also very nice and it is nice to not have to use an app to watch video content. Battery life is very good and not disaapointing at all. I'm looking forward to more Tegra3 optimized apps. Its going to be a good year. The speaker has plenty sound, but its nice to have a headphone jack. IMO the positives outweigh any minor negatives so I'm glad to give this device 5 stars.
  • David - Alaska - Milepost Travel PlannerI purchased this book because I was going to rent a car and drive around Alaska. Instead, I took a cruise through the inland passage - beautiful beyond belief.

    I used this book to get the best use of my time in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway because it is so detailed.

    The cruise ship does not explain all the options because they sell offshore trips. I was able to book a Whale watching tour from a local operator, not the cruise lines, which was a smaller boat with a lot less people for less money. They took us very close to the whales and were very concerned about the wild life (www.alaskawhalewatching.com).

    In Skaguay, we booked the train ride on the White Pass &Yukon Route. Being that we booked it from home before going on the curise, we got to ride the train up and down the mountain and not the cruise line one way ride.

    If you are going to spend some time in Alaska this book would really help you.
  • FantasyReader - Brother versus BrotherThis book is well titled and presents the epic event of Gettysburg in an entirely new and very personal account of this great event presented in the "fog of war" where the real participants actually lived, fought and died. Historical accurate in all details but with the added touch of the personal view where vision was limited to those around you and a few hundred yards of the field, often obscured and always deadly. War is fought by men from many backgrounds and for many reasons with few who want to be there and many who not only wonder if they will survive but what they will return to after the horror. A unique perspective worth of the read.
  • shivatrance - Entourage is FINALLY GONE!!!I have always loved the Office suite on Mac. So much cleaner than on Windows. Seems so much more easy to use and no phantom crashes where you lose your data like with Wordperfect back in the day. But I have always HATED Entourage.

    With Outlook in the Windows Office Suite Microsoft has always gotten it right. You have total control over everything in your email. EVERYTHING. And FINALLY they have blessed Mac users with the ability to have Outlook instead of that POS Entourage.

    Office 2011 for OSX.... I am a big fan. Worth every penny.