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  • Geo Mealer - Very good, but definitely luxury

    The DC44 is simply an excellent portable vacuum. It lends itself beautifully to spot cleanup jobs, with a very clear and straight path between the bin and the inlet to limit fouling by foreign objects. Weight is balanced very well, not unlike a paint-sprayer, and it can be used in any position comfortably. The DC44 took the fur of my very, very hairy Maine Coon mix right off fabric upholstery with the turbo tool, and does decently well on carpet with the main brush. Motorized brushes are a brilliant and ingenious feature for this kind of device, and differentiate it from its competition more than any other feature. That said, the very convenient wall-mount charging rack is a standout as well, even if it does manage to forget both space for the other attachments and its own screws in the package. If you do not want to mount the DC44, though, the vacuum can still be charged outside the rack.

    The cons for the DC44 largely aren't cons for the model; they're cons for portables in general: the bin is small, though easy to empty if you do it frequently; the suction is less than a full-sized; the paths are clear, but the diameter of the attachments are smaller so stuff can get caught; the battery life is short for extended cleaning. It's easy to assume Dyson magically stuffed a full-sized vacuum into your hand, but physics interferes and the DC44 is still limited by its size and available battery tech. The cons unique to this portable vacuum in particular are few: aside from the aforementioned rack issues, there's no way to swap in a different battery for more cleaning time and the motorized brush rolls wrap hair around themselves like you wouldn't believe. Luckily, the rolls are easy to remove and clean, but there's a reason Dyson made it so convenient to do so.

    In final total, the DC44 is absolutely a five-star portable vacuum. Compared to a standard Dirt Devil handheld or Black and Decker stick vacuum, either of which I'd give four stars at least, this is simply a more advanced device and more capable at spot cleanup and small jobs than the competition. The technologies and design it brings over from full-sized models serve to elevate it above the rest of the field into its own category, and that category does the job better.

    But this gets to the price: it's high--very high. This doesn't make it less than a five-star portable vacuum; it's simply a five-star portable vacuum at $300+. You can get a four-star portable vacuum for $100 or less, and probably be pretty happy with it. This is plainly into the diminishing returns of a luxury item.

    It's also the only way you're going to get this kind of technology in your hand. The DC44's not perfect, but it's the best portable vacuum available. Whether that's worth the price is very subjective.

  • book lover - super helpful info !

    Written in plain language about medical treatment & health care. If you live in the country or mountains you should have this book.