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  • Shaun - Quicken Will Maker PlusQuicken Will Maker Plus does more than just help you make your will. It comes with a book called "The Legal answer book for families" It covers Divorce, tax breaks, name change, ect. I tried makeing a will and the progam walks you through it. When I put the disk in my computer the screen didn't display for downloading. I went into my computer found the cd drive, and then saw that Quicken WillMaker was in it. I think I right klicked on it and then went to the bottom, 4th one down opened from there and it walked you through it no problem for installing. I hope that saves you some time if it doesn't open for you. I think this is a great progam to have. To pay a lawyer to make a will can be very expensive.
  • orbital chaos - worth the priceI did not catch mine early and I used sesame seed oil on it for the first 2 days -- this did keep it from being painful and red -- sesame seed oil is an anti-inflammatory and I was pleased but not pleased enough. So I went to Walgreens because that store was very close; I paid $19.99 -- they had a coupon special, but I did not have a coupon. The tube is tiny, but you only need a dab several times a day, so that's fine and it takes up little space if you want to take it on a trip, keep it on your purse or car. It has been less than 24 hours and I see improvement already, it's smaller and drying up, so I am giving a positive review. I have no doubt if you catch the process at first tingle, it minimizes overall damage and pain for most people. The price here is also good, so if you want to keep a tube on-hand, it's a good deal for Prime members don't need a coupon. Oh: I have also been taking L-Lysine and had not had a cold sore for a very long time (which is why I wasn't very responsive to the first signs) -- but I was taking lysine in lower doses and spottily, so I increased my dose of that as well, but still, the visual improvement in the lesion in about 12 hours is very nice.
  • Christopher A. Dowling "tintinet" - So far, so great!After reading reports of problems with these tablets, I was prepared to find it lacking and return it, but so far, it's been great! After charging I updated it to ICS, added some apps, and have had flawless performance. No problems with wifi or anything else. Terrific screen, good sound, great camera!
  • Michelle Schaefer - Derma Wand is AWESOME!I started using the Derma Wand immediately! I am really happy with the results! I use an exfoliant along with the daily regimine of using the Derma Wand! My fine lines and pores are drastically reduced. The smell that it emits when using reminds me of fresh outdoor air. It was a totally good buy!
  • azbroker - Great Everyday MoisturizerI've been using this product for about a month. I was put off by the smell at first (kind of lemony) as I was not expecting that. It is a great all purpose facial moisturizer. I have dry skin and it leaves my face smooth and soft, not greasy like some of them do. Also, a little goes a long way, so a good value.