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  • Angie C "Angie C" - It does work - just takes timeI have spent thousands on medspa laser hair removal and up until a few month ago, I was still going for treatments. I decided to give this a try, and am I glad I did. To my surprise - it really does work. I started just doing 1 arm, 1 leg, and my chin/upper lip. It has been almost 2 months. Progress is slow on the face and I can't say for sure that I'm getting any results there. On the arm, I have noticed incremental reductions of about 20%.

    The real surprise has been on my leg. Already I have a reduction of about 60%, and the hair that is growing in is growing much slower. I shaved both legs at the same time and then let them grow back in for a few days. The untreated leg has significant stuble. The treated leg looks almost as if I just shaved it with just a few stray hairs here and there. These results in this area are motivating me to keep going with the rest.

    Unlike the medspa LHR, this doesn't singe the hairs and cause them to fall out in the same way. They suggest shaving first and then using the product. I did that on my leg, but not my arm or face - perhaps that is somehow related to my results.