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  • Island Girl "Jen" - Jan Karon's book is delightful! A must read!Mitford is the kind of place that we would all love to live.... a slpeey little town in the mountains where you know your neighbors. I recommend buying this book... and curling up in your favorite chair with a warm blanket and cup of hot chocolate! Turn the phones off and slip away... I guarentee that you won't want to come back!
  • Jeffrey L. Blackwell - Excellent guide for taking personal responsibility for your healthAlthough this was compiled for village health-care, it is also a useful general guide to low-cost medical procedures & medicines. It includes excellent sections on ways to prevent and contain serious illnesses.
  • Amy L. Bell "Full Circle Homeschooling" - I wish I'd read as a teenI just read the new updated edition of I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris. The first thing I want to say is, wow! I wish I had read this book as a teenager. Instead of a book filled with dos and don'ts, as you might suspect, it is mostly a book that speaks directly to matters of the heart. Its primary focus is to help you in your relationship with God; all other relationships are secondary. The book helps single people focus on what's really important at that critical stage in their lives, and then helps them move on when romance becomes appropriate.
    I loved this book! Although I have been married for over a decade, I can still look back and see where applying the truths of this book could have helped me remain pure during those years of being single. I wish I could go back and put God first! The book is still useful to married people, as we explore our relationships with God and others. Although this book wasn't a tear-jerker, I still found myself in tears two or three times as I considered God's love toward me over the years, in the midst of some terrible mistakes.
    My favorite part of the book was the narration of a dream that Joshua Harris gives us at the opening of chapter eight. You can read it if you Google "Joshua Harris" "the room." The dream is absolutely life-changing! In my opinion, the analogy is too perfect to be anything but God-given. I summarized it to my husband, and even he was teary-eyed; he's a Christian, but I had never seen him respond to God's grace in that way before.