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  • Robert W. Howe "revelyon" - Dynamite Writing

    Mantel is a truly fine writer. As a historian of the period, I am not always sure her take on individuals or events is right on target, but it is well informed. She seems to admit, herself, in the afterword, that her Anne Boleyn may not be a reliable portrait. What I really loved about this novel was that she had me grousing that I thought her view of Cromwell was too sympathetic, but then she pulled the rug out from under that by showing his will and skill to survive and thrive as having made him into a very corrupted human being.

  • Julia P. Lynde - Enjoyed

    I liked this novel. Radclyffe does a good job presenting the medical aspects of her novels while making the story about the people, not the medicine. I like that.

  • jayday - Yes, the end, the end....

    I understand why many readers are unhappy with the end. And it could have been different, or better. But I still give Ms. Flynn five stars as she writes the kind of novels I like. They are driven by plot and character, and they tell the story without adding lots of description and unnecessary detail. And the plot WAS interesting throughout with excellent pacing.

  • Aunt Sheesa - adventure at will

    WOW this GPS has come a long way from the one I used previously. IF I miss a turn ( or just choose not to take it) The re-compute to get me there is FAST and doesnt call for U-turns all the time like the old version. The voice is not irritationg and is not constantly re-affirming that I am going in the right direction. I LOVE the close ups when a merge or highway change needs attention to detail.
    I love that I can zoom in or out with a touch.

    I made sure I set HOME to be somewhere close enough that I can find my way home, but far enough away nobody who steals my GPS will get in my house! I just might re-set it to the sheriff's annex down the road a little more that might prove helpful!

    anyway this is a GREAT gps unit and I am very very pleased with it!

  • Mark F. Braun - Master of safety

    You DO pay to update Norton Antivirus, but it is the #1 app to protect in the most up-to-date way for Apples. I've trusted Norton for years, and the fee is worth the safety it provides from newer, bolder viruses and malware that I've managed to STOP COLD when a recent worm hit the workplace network but MY Apple among PCs was safe (although the email attempts continue like nothing I've vever seen) and nothing can get past Norton: NOTHING. Very satisfied. Keep it updated!