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  • T. R. BURNS - Should come with self help book!

    This banana slicer creates a good one to ten Likert scale out of a banana. Instead of the kind of scale that makes me feel too fat, I can just eat all the numbers besides ten. My fat therapist said to do this to make me feel hot. Thank you banana slicer. I guess it really is what you make of it, but unintentionally I ate my way to banana thinness. Where can I get a banana hammock?

  • 34dd - 34a and sad to a 34dd and loving it

    So i woke up the other morning not really paying attention to what I had thrown on to get the kids off to school. Miraculously, it ended up being this "3 wolf moon" t-shirt. Half awake with bed hair and mismatched shoes I made it to the bus stop with the kids. Oddly enough all of the stay at home dads were staring at me which made me quite self conscious. I looked down and realized why.....
    My usual 34A's suddenly were significantly larger and firmer, almost to the point that my husbands super cool wolf shirt was tight!
    How can this be? I have literally tried every thing in the book from lotions to pills to try and make the girls just a tad bit bigger.. But to no avail, nothing ever worked! I was currently in the process of saving up for surgery, when I went home and looked in the mirror....
    My girls suddenly became well..... Let's say more endowed... I tried to put on my bra for the day but there was nooooo way it was fitting... I made it a point to get formally fitted for some new ones......
    I went from a 34A to 34DD! Thank you so much 3 wolf moon t shirt! You saved me thousands of dollars and made my life so much better ( my husband's too).
    I recommend this shirt to all of my friends that are still in the itty bitty committee ....
    I've even purchased 5 more! Heck, a girl can never have enough back up 3 wolf moon t-shirts!

  • Darryl R. Morris "Kidzdoc" - A fabulous sequel to her masterpiece about Tudor England

    The long awaited sequel to the 2009 Booker Prize winning novel "Wolf Hall", which chronicles the rise of Thomas Crowell from a despised blacksmith's son to the right hand man of Henry VIII and arguably the most powerful man in England, lives up to its high expectations. She, Mantel, resumes the story after the execution of Thomas More, and focuses on the downfall of Anne Boleyn, Henry's second wife, who fails to bear him a male heir and becomes less desirable in his eyes. He becomes obsessed with Jane Seymour, the former lady-in-waiting to Anne and her predecessor, Katherine of Aragon, and Cromwell is given the task of uncovering information that would nullify his marriage to Anne, so that Jane can replace her as Henry's spouse.

    She, Mantel, portrays Cromwell as the ultimate chessmaster, as he expertly and deviously manipulates his pieces and captures those of his opponent, while maintaining control of the board at all times until the final outcome is a foregone conclusion. Old slights and seemingly innocent comments by former friends and foes are used by Cromwell to his utmost advantage, to bring down Anne and to increase his own power and influence with Henry. As in Wolf Hall, the dialogue is witty and bitingly humorous, and the action filled narrative made this a book that was nearly impossible to put aside until its foregone conclusion.

    "Bring Up the Bodies" is nearly as brilliant as "Wolf Hall", as she, Mantel, proves again to be one of the contemporary masters of historical fiction. It certainly deserves to be included on the upcoming Booker longlist, and I will look on with interest to see if it can claim additional literary prizes for its fabulously talented author.

  • Pat Awesome - Perfect for Long Runs

    I used to make fun of people I saw running with these things on. In all honesty they are silly looking. But for long runs they are a life saver. It takes about two minutes of being on my back before I forget it is there. It is much better than carrying a bottle, and holds about four times as much. It supplies enough water for fifteen miles on a hot day. There is a little pocket on the back that can fit your keys and an ipod, which I prefer to having my ipod strapped to my arm. The pocket is not good for gels or anything that you want to access without having to stop and take the pack off. I think the greatest benefit of Camelbaks is the freedom of not have to plan runs around water breaks. For the price, I really can't recommend the HydroBak enough.