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  • M. Joy - Easy on the eyes and easy to useMy husband and I both love our Kindles. We are "life-long learners," and now that we are retired and have lots of time to read, our Kindles are a big part of each day. We didn't have to invest a lot of time trying to learn a new technology because the Kindle is user friendly. We are looking forward to more and more available e-books on Kindle, especially more classic books. We take literature classes and cannot find all class-assigned books available on Kindle. One feature that must be mentioned regarding price is the fact that many e-books available on Kindle are much less expensive than traditional paper publications. It helps pay for the initial cost of the Kindle.
  • Rafael - a supper kind of equipmentthis is a tool, that make me happy, because it does the work I need to help me with, this tablet need no batter introduction, this the kind of equipment I can't live without it..
  • cordyceps - restrictions may applyAs a proud native of the Golden State, I'm well aware how jealously we Californians guard our reputation for trend-setting chic. But I was still surprised how much red tape Amazon put me through when I tried to purchase this product. A three page questionnaire? Really? C'mon, we have Walmarts here too - I have it on good authority. Or what if I want to wear it as an ironic statement, like "Hey guys, I'm from one of the thirty-odd states where you can't get a decent latte, there are no Trader Joes, and pants don't come in waist sizes smaller than 40 inches!"

    Anyway, I got down to the questionnaire: "Do you live within 50 miles of a beach?" Nope, phew! "Do you use more than six hair care products on a regular basis?". Close, but still safe. When I got to "Do you only consume single-origin coffee, chocolate, and fig-infused balsamic vinegar?" I knew I was in trouble. Well, I'm not too proud of it, but I checked the "Special circumstances" box and claimed I'd grown up in Bakersfield. A bald-faced lie, but it satisfied Amazon and I was able to order the shirt.

    When I put it on, I was really surprised. It was actually pretty, well... bitchin'! Clearly we snooty left-coasters have a thing or too to learn about cool. As I tried out different poses, in true California fashion I contemplated what other products I could purchase and conspicuously display to show off my new persona. A hunting rifle? Hmm... hella bitchin', but awkward to carry around on my fixie, plus most of my friends are vegan. An ATV? Naw, too spendy. I settled for a six pack of Bud Light - not that I'd ever let the stuff touch my lips, you understand: it's just for show. It was a little hard to find, but I finally tracked one down in the imports section of the supermarket cooler.

    Many readers don't need an explanation of why this shirt is so awesome, but to fellow citizens of the more progressive regions of the country I unreservedly recommend it.
  • W. Francis "billfrancis1973" - New Keurig Vue for meI havent gotten it yet it will be in on or around tuesday. I have always hadf excellent experience with keurig, our 1st. was the personal Keurig On cup at a time, then we moved upto the elite and then the Platnium last year when our elite finnaly died out. Now I will have the vue. For any of you people who are on the fence about any keurig brand By anyone of the there machines you will not be disatisfied.
  • Anne fan "Lisa" - Love this book!I absolutely LOVE this book. The writing- it's just so intimate and personal, as if you're hearing the story in person from a good friend. And the drawings and photos are just so lovely. You will laugh out loud often. I love to read it in the mornings with my tea. Have bought more as gifts for close friends. What a great gift! What a great book!