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  • Timothy T Conlon - proud wearer of shirt

    This is amazing. I can't thank you enough. You had me in the review with "when I left my trailer to walk to Walmart...." But I couldn't stop there. Being a professional I don't rely on customer reviews alone, I like to dig a bit deeper and do some reference checking so I contacted a couple of the people and asked if they knew anyone else who has purchased 3 wolves and talked to a dude personally about it. He verified the Chuck Norris story. I also never realized there used to be life on the moon until Chuck visited it wearing his shirt. Anyway, this guy said he was out drinking with his buds, chasing chicks away like mosquitos around a bug zapper when he had to go to the bathroom.... He bounced off his tailgate and just for fun went in his pickup truck's gas tank. You're not going to believe this but after that moment his truck is now known as the one and only Optimus Prime.

    If 3 wolves howling can create the star of the movie Transformers and get Meagan Fox to ride in it's seat, I'm in.

  • thefifthdentist - Straight Stylin'

    Are you familiar with those commercials for a certain male performance enhancement pill? Wearing this shirt has a similar effect and should come with the same warning about contacting your doctor should something last more than 4 hours. Let's just say I have my physician on speed dial when I wear this shirt.

  • Janet L. Ericksen "Mickey" - Seamless conversion

    After reading some of the reviews, I was apprehensive about converting from Quicken 2004 on my old computer to the new 2013 version. After updating my 8 year old to a new all-in-one with windows 8, I had no choice. I did a back up of my old data in the old quicken before powering down the last time. When I received the new version in the box, I installed it. It didn't take long. Then I restored the backup to the new system. Ta-dah! All my data was there intact. Sure, the new program has a slight learning curve and feels a bit different, but that's why there are upgrades. Bottom line - it works great!