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  • R. Straw - Needed For ClassI needed this for my third Wilton's class, and it was cheaper on than in the store. It's part of the curriculum, so it's required. Whether it is good for skill development or not, I take my classes very seriously, and get alot out of them. I also believe in checking prices everywhere for the class supplies. Amazon was cheapest, and I received it in 2 days, free shipping, Amazon prime.
  • Labscientst - love it!Wonderful tablet. I am not a techie but have gone the rounds with several tablets. This is my favorite tablet followed by the kindle hd. Nice sound from the speakers. Great color and definition. Love the screen size. Plays everything I want although someone had to tweak it so it would play from my prime account. The usb adaptor is unique to say the least and supposedly it can play HDMI with a chord although I havent tried it. Glad I bought this tablet.
  • Fred Gibson Jr - Works for me!I had to replace Microsoft Money when I went over to a new computer. Money is no more, but apparently Quicken is the replacement product. I didn't use every single function that Money (or probably Quicken) could do, but I wanted to use Quicken more - if it was convenient to do so. This is an excellent guide and - while much of Quicken is intuitive and you can figure it out as you go - this guide makes life much easier.
  • HawkMom41 - Reeled me in and I couldn't read it fast enough.I absolutely loved this book. The story drew me in right away and kept moving at an increasingly exciting pace. Some nights I am so tired that I can only read about 10 pages, so it really helps me to have a book like this that I look forward to picking up each night. It had the perfect level of suspense and kept me guessing for a long time why the events happened to Annie.