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  • CoffeeFlavoured - Dermatend is AWESOMEI first bought this tube about a year ago directly from the Dermatend site. First I will say, you get a lot more out of the tube than it says (awesome!). I've used it on several moles and IT WORKS. The larger more stubborn ones do take multiple applications but keep at it and they too will disappear. I have a handful of smaller ones and a large one that are now totally gone never to return thanks to this stuff! I just bought my second tube to tackle and get rid of my largest and some smaller remaining ones.

    ---TIPS for using!!!---
    1. Wash the area with a warm cloth first.
    2. When you scratch, make sure you scratch the entire area real good- if it's a raised mole be sure to get the sides too. Don't worry if you scratch your surrounding healthy skin a bit- just don't apply dermatend to the healthy skin.
    3. If you don't feel s slight burn when you first apply it, you didn't scratch good enough and it's a pretty sure sign you will need to repeat it and scratch better next time.
    4. COVER the affected area with it, and make sure the paste you cover it with it thick, not watery. If it's watery you need to cap the tube and squeeze it around a bit until you have paste coming out.

    If you know you scratched good enough, but the dermatend doesn't do a single thing- check the expiration date on your tube. Mine only stopped being effective near the expiration date.
  • G. Ware Cornell Jr. "anotherlawyer" - Great comfort for 3DOur new Samsung UN55ES7500 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Black) came with four perfectly good pair of 3D glasses- good for everyone except my wife who prefers to wear her prescription glasses while watching TV. Shopping for a solution I found these Samsung compatible (2011 and 2012 model sets) 3D glasses.

    The 3D glasses easily fit over a pair of eyeglasses, which is exactly what my wife wanted. Her obvious comfort inspired us to test them for ourselves and shortly after the end of a 3D movie two more pair were ordered from Amazon.

    Unlike the manufacturer Samsung's supplied glasses, these third party devises do not rely on regular hearing-aid batteries, a recurring expense which increases the cost of the product. The 3Active glasses have a built in rechargeable battery, a mini-USB cable and a wall adapter. Charge maintenance has been excellent. So far has been that they have maintained a charge over several days of nonuse, enabling all of us to watch feature films with the need to pre-charge or recharge.

    Because these glasses are sturdily constructed like eyeglass frames, they do not slip around during a movie. The effect of this is to make the whole 3D experience that much more enjoyable.
  • JAP "Jose A." - Money Well SpentI would recommend this product to absolutely any gamer because it provides a feeling such as no other game, it gives enough gameplay and gripped me. This game, although it is a bit short, gives a great gameplay and battles, terrains, almost no loading time and sometimes lags but that is not the games fault. If you're thinking about buying it, stop thinking and do it!
  • Tracie - Awesome product and serviceI rarely write reviews, but this one deserves it! We love being able to use any of our apple devices to watch our little one and view her while she is with a sitter. However, the best part is the support we received from WiFi Baby. We set up an appointment with Roger and he helped us greatly with setting up the camera. We appreciated all his help and love the product !!!
  • T. Lista "brain food" - Loved The Lavender QueenIt was the beautiful cover of the book that first caught my eye but several pages in I realized I was in for an exciting, unexpected journey. I've lost count of the number of women I know (myself included) who have been plucked out of their environment and comfort zone by men, only to find themselves in unknown territory. Ms. Ralston, however, managed to use her NY savvy and creative talents to turn her situation into a "field of dreams." I got so caught up in the story that I had to limit myself to a certain number of pages each day so I wouldn't finish it all at once. Ms. Ralston's writing made me feel as if I were standing right next to her. I started telling my friends about the book long before it was finished and they were even more intrigued when I explained that I had absolutely no idea how it would end because each page seemed to offer a new challenge or unexpected turn with just the right amount of humor. When it comes to marriage and children, women are always the ones who seem to make the biggest sacrifice and then, before they realize what's happened, they find themselves stuck in the daily grind of life while their careers and dreams slowly fade away. Ms. Ralston's book will inspire you to get up and explore new opportunities. If you're looking to be entertained and motivated, The Unlikely Lavender Queen is what you're looking for. I'm waiting for the sequel.