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  • Greg Swan - Embracing the Tradeoff: Context for an Always-On CultureRobert Scoble, the earliest of early adopters, and Shel Israel, the pragmatic realist, make a great team as they explore the evolving world of context in a communications climate overtly focused on content.

    In "Age of Context," the duo cover the discomfort that comes from disruptive and innovative change that challenge the status quo and social norms. Although many consumers resist or opt-out of new technology, "Age" illustrates that improved experiences in personal relationships, connectivity, retail and advertising will add enough value to supersede concerns of privacy, transparency and change-fatigue.

    Just as early blacksmiths scoffed at the first car, we may look skeptically at those walking around with Google Glass, self-tracking arm bands and wires in weird places. In both cases, emerging technology changed the world before that first encounter, whether we readily accept it or not.

    And although "Age" goes rather deep on Glass and select start-ups that may or may not be around this time next year, the core themes of the book are sure to have as much longevity as the author team's "Naked Conversations," which still resonates with communicators seven years later.

    The contextual age is based on a tradeoff: the more the technology knows about you, the more benefits you will receive. And new generations raised on mobility, big data and an always-on culture are ready to make the trade.

    Are you? Is your brand?

    -Greg Swan, SVP Brand Innovation, Weber Shandwick
  • NAC - Great!I love this pocket booklet. The index in the back is great for looking up the brand names of drugs to find the generic name. The only problem is that it doesn't have the price of the meds.
  • Clint W Hawkes - Believe me, it works!I had a really hard time convincing myself to purchase this product because of all the negative reviews claiming it didn't work and that all the positive reviews were from employees of the manufacturer. I am so glad I gave this product a shot. I purchased the small tube that claims to do 4 moles, which in reality does well over 10 moles, and followed the directions exactly. The only step I did different was to scratch the mole up until slightly bleeding. I applied the brown paste for 30 minutes and then washed off. Within two days the moles scab over and then I apply Neosporin and a bandage. All the moles came off with minimal scarring, and I'm pretty positive there will be no trace of any mole I have removed. Even the moles on my face came off with little evidence they had ever been there. A couple of the bigger moles I removed needed to be treated a second time, but it was worth the time spent in my opinion. Better than spending much much more at the dermatologist to have them removed. I love this product, and I can't believe it is not much more popular or well known than it is.
  • E. Bourgeois "Weeshanti" - And I thought I was the only one...Getting that ring is amazing, but when the panic hit I thought I was doomed. A friend recommended this book, and I can't say enough about it. Nissinen speaks to all the fears and concerns all (or at least, this one!) brides experience but usually don't understand. A must-have for every bride-to-be. Put in on your shower wish-list!
  • Cynthia Hurst - Great Summer ReadBeautiful Ruins is a roller coaster of times and places with something for everyone, but those favoring quirky modern fiction mixed with 60s zaniness will love this book. The author is an amazing writer, a man from Spokane with a world view, and he carries off the time changes and jumble of characters well. He also has an incredible number of ideas that come in very handy. The wrap-up at the end is perfect: I loved who the character Pasquale Tursi was and became, and how true he stayed to himself. A real commentary on modern ethics with lots of tidbits from Hollywood, the music biz, and international locales. Written with sensitivity, sensuality and pathos, surprisingly realistic and fun, Beautiful Ruins is a great summer read.