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  • david r. friedman - If I had a job, I'd quit.The Roku would have taken a full 5 minutes to set up if I''d I had remembered my password to my router. So simple to install and works so well. The amount of free conten t with Prime is great and you have access to so much more. Better than Apple, for now and well worth the price. Love that Prime.
  • Rams - Helped me lose weight after I plateauedI usually don't buy weight loss supplements since I've had bad experiences in the past (increased heart rate, feeling anxious, etc) but Dr. Oz's special on the positive effects on the Garcinia Cambogia fruit and the other benefits (such as better mood, decreased cravings, more energy, decreased cholesterol) made me want to buy a good extract (since we do not have access to this fruit). I was recently told by my doctor that I had very high triglycerides even though my diet was better than most around me and I wasn't overweight - found out high triglycerides runs in the family. To make matters worse, I had been working out but my weight was staying the same. All these factors gave me more reasons to try something new. After using it for 2 weeks and only 3 pills a day, I was losing 2 lbs a week. I continued to exercise and eat well while taking the pills which is the reason for the increased weight loss (you can't expect to lose anything if you're not a least somewhat active). In addition, my triglycerides were lower!! I found my trusted pill. I can only imagine how much I'd lose if I took the recommended dosage. Icing on the cake: I asked my doctor about this vitamin and she couldn't find any negative effects, just recommended that after using it for 3 months, give it a month break and start again. Just follow the directions and you should notice a difference as well (but don't expect to take it today and lose weight tomorrow!).
  • DLarsen - Outstanding story. More, please...I loved this book and have recommended it to others already. It's some science fiction -what would happen if suddenly your long-deceased loved ones just appeared on your doorstep, alive again? What happens to long settled lives lived without them, parents who are now elderly who lost young children, parents who left us with dementia, or spouses now remarried? It's obviously science fiction because it doesn't address cremation, or mortuary preservation of bodies, or graveyard disintegration of same, but just stop and think of the problems and possibilities. This book addresses the issue mostly from the perspective of one elderly family who suddenly is presented with a returned child, and the society coping with a sudden influx of thousands of Returned people. Both government and people try to cope, but it becomes overwhelming. It's a thoughtful and thought-provoking book, and I'd like to see more from this author.
  • Brian Toothman - Great writing too bad some just don't get it!!Strieber was writing great fiction when probably many, including myself, weren't even a gleam in our daddy's eye yet.
    I love this genre and have read all his old novels. In 2012 he flexes his muscles as a writer. I think perhaps he's too subtle and sophisticated for these doltish one star reviewers who have been reading pablum for too long.
    Is it fantastic and does into even venture into "Magic-Realism" like Ray Bradbury? Absolutely!! That's what is so great about Strieber's skill and craft. Not many could pull this off. But like his alter ego personality, Willie Dale, once he's in that writer's trancelike zone, look out. The writing is just short of literary and sometimes poetic.

    Whitley Strieber is another underated less-known great American novelist.
    I saw that he dedicated this novel to the late Robert Anton Wilson. If you don't know who he is, then read him before you tackle this Sci-Fi classic.
    Side note. I loved the sections where the character Wiley is a thinly masked version of Whitley himself. If half of what he and his wife Ann have gone through in facing the personal demons of a genius writer are true, then what a remarkable story of heart-felt love and family bonding.

    Anyway, dismiss the one star reviews here and read a real work of fiction rather than the latest vampire teenage mindless dreg.