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  • Ol' Man - Great Soft ball

    I have played golf for 45 years and I like a ball that has feel. Most top brand balls feel like rocks to me since I have a moderate swing speed. I can tee up a Pro VI and hit it 200 yards; tee up a Long&Soft and hit it 200 yards. The Pro VI feels like a rock and I get little spin around the green. The Long&Soft is soft and smooth off my club head with little spin and good distance. I get good spin on it with the wedges around the green. I have never cut one but I have put a scuff on them when hitting the cart path. Mind you, when I play these balls, they have an affinity for the water and the deep brush! Search the internet and buy them in quantity for best prices; I have paid as little as 66 cents a ball.

  • Elsa D. Claverie - Still Creating

    I found this book several years ago and recommended it to a friend, a struggling artist who couldn't seem to find the color yellow. She got to chapter eight before the elusive color found her, and she went on to create beautiful murals and ceilings for celebreties and football players(Jim Kelly, for one.) She got sick, and asked me if I knew who she could speak to, as Doctors didn't seem to know what was wrong. I suggested a woman I had heard of through the grapevine, but P.K. never got to see her. My lesson was that I had known of the book, and of the woman for years, but never thought about others being interested, or of helping them find it. This book is for anyone who wants to get in touch with the the divine gift of creativity in any form. P.K., I have learned. And for those who want to know who the woman was who probably would have saved P.K.'s life, read, "Forget The Cures, Find The Case," by Rayna Gangi

  • Marsha Queen of Amazon "Amazon Queen" - It Really Works!!!

    I thought this purchase was going to be another one of those wishful hoping buys. After surviving menopause, I've developed facial hair that many a man would envy. I'm not sure what the hair follicle cycle is, but I'm already seeing positive results from using the Flash & Go. Two particularly dense areas are almost nonexistent now. One has had a minor regrowth, but it was MUCH less dense & very soft. I just did another treatment & all indications are that it might no longer be a problem. Since the treatment schedule is an every other week plan, I'll be back with an update if things progress in the positive. I will also update if I discover a failure. At this point, all signs are pointing to SUCCESS!!! Oh yes, all this was done with the "3" setting & I have the option to up it to a "5" if need be.

    I used it once a week as directed through the end of 2012. I was thrilled with the results. I didn't use it at all from the end of 2012 until the end of March 2013. ALL the hair that was removed was still gone EXCEPT for 6 hairs that had been in in the thickest part of the removal area. These 6 hairs were now completely white. I was concerned as they recommend NOT using on blond hair & I was worried that I'd NEVER get rid of those 6 hairs. Since the end of march, I've gone back to using once a week as recommended & I'm brave enough to use the #5 setting. Now (mid May) it appears that those 6 hairs are dying also. I might stop using one more time to see what is really happening with those 6 hairs. I'll be back once I figure out what has actually happened to those 6 hairs!!! I was skeptical that this was ever going to work; but, now I'm a believer!!!

    UPDATE 11/04/2013

    Once I got down to the 6 gray hairs I got lazy & stopped using weekly. They appeared to be dying & I stopped using back in June. 5 months later 4 gray hairs appeared & I've gone back to my weekly use to see what will happen now!!! These 4 hairs are MUCH finer than they were when there was 6 of them & they are growing MUCH slower!!! I'm going back to my weekly use & see IF I can't finally get rid of these 4 hairs!!! Still, I am THRILLED that I've gone from a full manly beard to just 4 little gray hairs in a years time!!! IF I get no more results, I am HAPPY; however, I am betting that with a few more treatments, these 4 hairs will die also!!! I am soooo happy with my facial results that I've decided to start working on my legs next. I had procrastinated on that as I have great difficulty bending over to do the work & I wanted to KNOW it will be worth the effort!!! The results on my face have been soooo promising that I'll be starting my legs soon!!!

  • B. Cable "Kebles" - It just doesn't get any better than this!

    I'm a mobile gamer junkie. I've got three devices that I use primarily to play games with; an iPad, a Kindle Fire HD, and a Toshiba Thrive 10" Android Tablet. This is the ONLY game that I have on all three devices. When I first downloaded this app on, I really wasn't sure if I would really spend any time playing it; and CARDS? I hadn't messed with baseball cards since I was a kid, and at first it seemed much too chaotic. But after reading through the rules, then playing a couple of games to get the feel of its process, I was hooked & now I find myself playing this game almost exclusively. You will too if you like baseball. If you're lucky enough draw a Trout or Suzuki Platinum card for example, then upgrade it as you learn to play, the beauty of this game becomes clear. It takes some strategic thinking to really begin to understand all of the nuances of this game. When and where to use a pinch hitter for example, or learning how and when to buy new cards or someone else's on the market and selling your cards to pay for others. It will cost some money to get started effectively if you want to succeed, but the cost diminishes as you learn how to manage and play the game. It's worth the $15-$20 I've put into it for hours upon hours of fun and intriguing play.

  • Margie Read "magnoliamansions" - What a find, great value!

    This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for small business owners. It has all the material, forms, and suggestions a small firm could possibly need. Quicken is well known for its excellent software, and Nolo law is an institution that has provided valuable legal instructions and advice for years. The scope of this review cannot possibly cover all the advantages in Legal Business Pro, but to name some: how to form a business--any of you who have ever tried to start your own company from scratch will greatly appreciate this guide on how to do this, including the corporate minutes and consents needed and the countless forms needed for a new business.
    The software covers how to buy or sell a business and how to buy and sell real estate as well. Dozens of contracts for goods and services are provided, a large section of how to lease, a variety of items on how to manage finances. Last, but certainly not least, the IRS tax forms on hand to cover small business needs without searching the net for them and then downloading. There are several dozen sample letters for credit application, email policy, demand letters and such.
    This valuable software also includes the full searchable text of five of Nolo's best selling books on business situations. Most small businesses cannot afford an in house attorney or have the budget to hire outside legal help. Legal Business Pro is the answer and it is regularly reviewed and updated by Nolo's expert attorneys and covers everything we can imagine a small business might need. This is truly a bargain in software and will save small business owners many hours of concern and expense. We recommend Legal Business Pro to every small business. Use it and profit.