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  • Andrea Grenadier - May be unorthodox, but...

    Okay, I must admit. I have a binder full of... men. I understand that Avery products are superb for keeping women, but I find mine durable enough for the keeping of men. At first, they protest at the tightly-snapping rings, and tend to complain, at first. But then, they come to appreciate the quality of a good bind, and actually become quite docile.

  • Audie R. Sadler - sd card

    Perfect for tablets , cellphones and cameras. Love it. Recommend this item for anything. Will buy more when I get the chance.

  • ToddM - Satisfied with Centrix Q Zone

    My main interest was in getting a quiet hair dryer. It's usually early in the morning when I use one and I hated turning on my old hair dryer because of the loud raspy noise. To be sure this one isn't silent but it's definately quieter than my old one or any others I have had and the sound it does make is a more pleasing tone.I also find that it does as good a job on the middle heat setting than my old one when it was set to high. It also comes with an attatchment to increase the air velocity for quicker drying if you need it.

  • M. Broadwell - Unbelieveable!

    I am absolutely hooked on this game. I am a baseball nut and appreciate the fine intricacies of the game. This FREE app has everything from pitching, hitting, Fielding,, base stealing, championships, pinch batters etc. It is incredible! Well done. The only annoyance is the comments by the coaches if you make a mistake. That is a small issue, however. Also it is interesting that all of the coaches, etc appear to be of Eastern Asian descent. Whatever!! Baseball is huge in Japan.
    Get this app!! I play it EVERYDAY (too much!) :)
    Great job!