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  • Janet "Breesmom" - Interwoven Lives

    Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is a book celebrating life by intersecting the life stories of several individuals. The book begins in 1962, takes a detour with a story of soldiers in WWII, and ends at the present. The locations of the story are vividly presented by the author; we see the Italian coast and it's islands,the city of Rome, a minute or two in Germany, then go to Hollywood, Seattle, and a brief contemplation of life in the state of Idaho.

    I liked this book. It was engrossing. It's a book that can at one minute bring one to tears and then turn around and have and have them laughing in recognition. The characters are all flesh and blood and the stories show the good and bad side of humanity. Even though it doesn't shrink back from telling about the bad, the book has a positive outlook. It's a pleasure to read. I recommend this book highly; most anyone over the age of 12 years old through adult will enjoy reading this book; there is no graphic violence or sex.

  • david metzger - Great drawing program

    I can't recommend this more for anyone with a tablet that likes to draw. It is a great program that work very well.