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  • D. Sherlock - Works perfectly so far...

    I have an older model of the WD NAS device, which worked well until I had to reformat one of the raid drives. It seems to be working fine since the reformat, but decided to get a new one just for the heck of it. This one is considerably larger, so should last me a while, I hope. I was going to settle for the raid 0 only drive, which one physical drive, however, that smaller model does not support external USB drives, which I thought was strange. Seems like both the single and Duo devices should support USB drives to me, but apparently not to WD. So I paid more than I wanted to, but all seems good so far. It didnt seem to go to sleep as it should initially. After a chat with WD, the recommended that I get Amazon to swap it out, which I did. The second one is sleeping fine, so not sure whether the first one was really problematic or not. I had to return the original, so never really had the chance to perform any side by side comparisons. I would not hesitate making the purchase again, in spite of my "sleep" experience.

  • Brenda Batista - The best product out there for cold sores

    I have suffered from cold sores for many years but haven't had an outbreak for over 10 years. Two days ago, I suddenly (without warning) woke up with my upper lip about 3x larger than normal. At closer look, I saw the familiar little pimples coming up. Oh no! So I ran to the pharmacy and picked up Abreva. Began using it as directed. Yesterday I still haven't seen the pimples come up so I was hopeful. The swelling was still there until the evening when all of a sudden the swelling started going down. This morning woke up to no swelling and just a scab. The blister didnt even fully form! I was able to leave the house today. Abreva stopped it from getting worse and sped up the healing dramatically. Thanks so much!

  • B. Unger "mom of 5" - Excellent book!

    Soul Surfer is a wonderful book. It is an eye-opening journey into the real story of what happened when Bethany Hamilton was attacked and her faith and resolve to get back on the board and still compete with only one arm. She is an amazing example of a disciplined and commited person as well as a role model for many young and old. Her perspective and situation makes the reader feel very thankful. God continues to use Bethany's story to lead others towards Him. Great book for teens, would recommend it to anyone looking for a great read! Buy this book...it will be a purchase you will never regret.

  • Connie and Allen - Great Book - Especially on the Kindle

    Rick always does a great job and we have used it several times in book form. We found that the Kindle version with the highlighting and search function makes it even better! We used it to get details about historic sites, restaurants, location of bathrooms, etc. In all cases it was right on the money. There was one restaurant we couldn't find in Florence - the book said behind the statue of David which wasn't specific enough - maybe a street address would have helped for those of us who use the GPS. This book along with his audio tours made it possible to enjoy and learn about Italy without a tour guide.