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City: Ashburn, Virginia

  • Joy A. Murphy "Joy" - Excellent ProductI ordered this program through Amazon and downloaded to one of my computers. It was extremely easy to install and run. It did such an amazing job on one of our desk tops, I bought another license to clean up our other. I cannot believe how much faster our computers are running. Now that they are cleaned up, I can maintain by simply using the "Magic Button" feature that automatically scans, diagnosis, cleans, defrags and optimizes. I highly recommend this product ! !PC Tune-Up v.2012 [Download]
  • Joseph T. Jandrokovic - Nothing Better, For NowShipped fast. I have bought many electronic gadgets and must say this is one of the best and most versatile. It handles PDFs nicely. The only thing I don't like about this tablet (as well as all others) is the LCD screen, which I hope changes in the future.
  • The Raders - No Need To FearI purchased the Asus Transformer Prime two weeks ago and I am delighted. Having had a long history with iPads I was concerned that the Asus quality or performance might not match-up. I was also concerned because of the often discussed Wi-Fi and GPS issues with the Prime. But once I received and had it in my hands I could tell that much of those concerns were unfounded. The Asus Transformer Prime performs just as well as my iPad ever did. You can point to specs and bench-marking data to define those things that are not perceivable to the naked eye if you want to, but I am certain that most folks will never see or feel the difference. After using an iPad for many years I can honestly tell you there is not one thing I can not do with the Transformer Prime that I could do with my iPad. There is no limitation on available apps and the Transformer Prime even has a setting that will not allow you to accidentally install up proven apps... unless you want to (something iPads will not let you do). While ALL tablets can not be considered a full-blown computer or laptop experience, the Transformer Prime is as close as you can get. One of the primary differences between an iPad and the Transformer is that you have the ability to do REAL file management. Download files move them to new or existing folders, share the same file with multiple apps and move copy and paste files as needed. I also purchased the Keyboard Dock and it too is wonderfully made and perfectly functional. The quality and the workmanship on this product is excellent and I am so glad I went with the Prime and got the beautiful metal finish. There is indeed a GPS issue and you will need to order the free GPS dongle. The Wi-Fi issue is over blown, at least for me, I have not had any issues at all with Wi-Fi the connection strength "perhaps" fluctuates from time to time but I have not notice any issues with performance based on the Wi-Fi. I have had to do a reboot (reboot is very quick)on it a few times because of some quirky behavior but its not like I did not have to do the same thing from time-to-time with my iPad.

    From a user standpoint I see the Asus Transformer Prime as an iPad equal. Yes the display is not 400 times better than your HD TV but I challenge you to notice the difference when you have it in your hands. The speed and responsiveness is equal to if not exceeds my iPad. I can recommend the Asus Transformer Prime without hesitation.
  • Josiah Rocke - Mulitple Drives Owned, All work great.I've installed these in two laptops, and four desktops. It's worked on everything I've installed it on. On older (2010 or older) machines, you will likely need to enable RAID or AHCI in your BIOS to get the better speeds of an SSD. This is fairly easy, and Microsoft actually has a fix-it that will make any changes to Windows you need to do in order to switch to AHCI/Raid. The best advice is to Google your computer's model number and "SSD upgrade" and find someone else who has done it.