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  • Mr Bill Oh no - Conform or be cast out!

    Just came from seeing this on the national theater release night. In my case it was at the Arlington MA "Regent Theater" - a theater that has shown Rush rocumentaries in the recent past (and hosted the excellent Rush tribute band "Lotus Land" who opened last year for the "Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage" screening).

    For tonight's screening of "Time Machine 2011: Cleveland" the biggest Rush-celebrity not in the band Donna Halper was there and took stage before the show to share stories of having been at the Cleveland concert as a VIP and of her continuing years being a friend of the band & vice verse (she's from Dorchester MA originally and seems to reside here in Boston again). Donna was well received and she noted Rush fans are loyal and friendly like no others. Donna also made special point of sharing the guys in the band are not only exceptional musicians but are the most genuine nice guys she's known and that's over a long 40+ year career in media/broadcasting having meet all sorts or rock-stars that have come & gone. Of course she was preaching to the choir tonight but hearing from multiple sources that they're great guys off stage somehow makes it that much more enjoyable seeing them do their thing so well on-stage.

    Was an excellent and long show (the concert & some Rush theatrical extras I won't spoil) with us having an enthusiastic theater crowd to take it in.
    Notably it's the band's first live concert filmed in the United States and along with other very new and old tracks they performed Moving Pictures album live in its entirety (but possibly not in origial order).

    I intend to preorder the Blu-ray edition to add to my Rush vid collection.

    Conform or be cast out!

  • Evan Schlosberg - I am healthy again, thanks to this diet!

    The day I started the diet I went on to read the reviews to see what people who had tryed it had to say. Reading the encouraging reviews gave me hope and inspired a dream that I would somday be able to write about my own success story. Nothing makes me happier than being able to say that this diet works and I can write to tell about it. Though it may be hard to follow the diet, it is very empowering. All doctors tell you is there is nothing you can do except take your pills and try not to be stressed out(wich is imposible when all you can think about is how sick you are getting). I also became quite the chef and am eating far healthier than I ever imagined I could. When my doctor saw my progress he was dumbfounded. After two months on the diet I was relived of all symptoms and was off prednisone. I had been on an average dose of prednisone before I started the diet and was still progresivly getting worse(also the diet prevented me from gaining wait from the prednisone). My doctor told me the next step was Remacade and even started talking about the posibilities of a colectomy. After I got better and got off my meds I was curious why I got better. Was it the Pills, or the diet? So I tryed an experiment. I ate foods outside of the diet for the first time in 3 months. I started with what I missed most. I had a beer. Two days later I felt somthing I hadnt felt in a month. I spent 2 hours in and out of the bathroom with excrutiatingly painful bool movements. I felt like my body was rejecting somthing that I had put in to it, and it was. Surprisingly several hours later. I felt fine. By the next day the symptoms were gone and I flet fine. This is what I have been through everytime I have accedentaly eaten somthing outside of the diet. Now that I know what happens when I eat the wrong food I make sure it does not happen anymore. If you have UC like I do than you have to try this diet! Get your life back on track with out the deadly sideffects of anti inflamatories. I think this diet can work for everyone. Its just a matter of being disiplined and persistant. Thanks and good luck.

  • TubaGuy - What a bonus!

    I've only had the WD My Book Live Duo for a week, but so far, so good. Easy install, all devices on my network (so far) can see it, set up was a breeze (if a bit slow), streaming multiple jobs from and to the drive seems just like a regular drive in the computer. Very happy so far. Next task is to set up a personal cloud. I expext that to go well, but we shall see...

    UPDATE 3/22/2013: Living with my Cloud Drive is great. I was able to set up the Cloud feature and easily stream music to my tablet while at work. I noticed no dropouts and I only have DSL at home. This thing continues to impress me.

  • Gina "Chasy" - Great Maps!

    Is a great companion even in big cities where GPS might be an option. You can't always rely on mobile devices to lead the way in an emergency or even just regular sight seeing. No signal is very likely in a low wi-fi spot or a location where your provider has less coverage. Nothing compares to haveing the map in front of you.

  • Sunny - Awesome stroller

    Light weight. Very easy to lift in and out of my car. I use this as my every day stroller and i just keep it in the car. It folds up very flat. Very easy. It unfolds very easy and I did read that someone said it doesn't stand on its own but it does. It's very easy to maneuver. The wheels turn very easily. It's a very smooth ride except on gravel. But I didn't buy it to use on gravel so I'm ok with it. I love the visor. It almost covers my little girl completely unlike other expensive strollers I've owned. I bought the extra sun/ bug cover but returned it because the visor /canopy that comes with the stroller is perfect so unless you're going camping where their will be bugs you don't need to purchase the extra sun cover. Waste of $$.
    I did buy the snack tray which was extra $$ and that was well worth the 15.00 $$ I spent.

    The price is great.

    Not good on gravel and the storage bin is small but I had read that on previous reviews so I was prepared and it doesn't bother me. It's so hard anyways to keep anything in those bottom stroller storage bins. It's such a pain when you need to grab something quick regardless if the storage bin is big or small.

    I still give this stroller 5 stars even with the 2 cons that I listed. I read many reviews before purchasing this stroller and so far I'm very happy with this purchase. It's the only stroller I now own and that makes me very happy.