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  • W. Thomas - Great product, but messy installMy PC guy recommends Norton AntiVirus. OK. Last year, no problem. But somehow there was a problem with the 2012 download. amazon tech support was AMAZING. Told me how to restart the download. Then reminded me that there was a product key I needed to activate the product. Now, how the heck(!) was I supposed to know that the product key was contained in the order confirmation?? Did I say "heck"??
  • Dr. Matt Navarre "msnmedia" - Loved this book, looking for more.I'm so thrilled to see morality being treated as a science. Sam makes a very convincing case that moral topics are not and should not be in the realm of religion. I suspect that the pace of studies that can measure and test moral issues will keep increasing.

    In the past, medicine was left to the priests. They would bleed you with leeches, and convince you to gather in a church and pray in order to cleanse your soul, and the body would follow. Then we discovered the germ theory of disease, and now we have doctors and hospitals. Now we can prevent a wide variety of diseases, cure others, and treat most of the rest.

    One day, we'll look back at morality and see the same cycle repeating.