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Country: North America, US, United States

City: Ashburn, Virginia

  • Arcania - I'm packin' for the War on Christmas....

    Last week my first cousin Cleetus took me mud-bogging for our wedding anniversary. When we got home and I saw the mud spatter on the back of our Ford truck was in the shape of a Christmas tree I knew it was a sign from God for me to buy this book.

    I have to go ahead and tell ya'll up front that I love me some Sarah Palin. She's been such a inspiration to our family. Why, the other day my 14-year-old daughter Billy Sue got real depressed after her youngest baby dropped her new pack of Marlboros in the toilet and started bawling and goin' on and on about how her life sucked and how she'd never get out of this trailer park and I was like, "Now shut up, honey, and think of the Palins. They proved that even people like us can make it in this world. Look at Bristol Palin. She's just like you and she got on that dancin' show and everything." Then I told her to go lie down until her hangover passed. Kids, right?

    Because that's what family values is all about - takin' care of one another. And that's what this book is about - family and holidays and Christian values, because it don't take no book learnin' to be a good Christian. And a good Christian knows Christianity is all about loving Christmas trees, Jesus, Reagan, the flag and capitalization. that the right word? Or is it capitalism? Anyway, it's about that money system that FOX News says is the Christian one and that's why I'm glad Wal Mart is making their people work on Thanksgiving cuz' as soon as we finish up that deep fried turkey, I'm gonna go shopping and get this here book for my family. I'm also going to buy me a duck blind, although I reckon that's off the topic.

    If them Obama-lovin' elitists think they're gonna win this War on Christmas I'd like to see them try it. I done asked Cleetus to get me some extra ammo so we can be ready for them Christmas-tree stealing liberal troops. And I done nailed down my plastic baby Jesus in the Nativity scene in case they try and steal it. Even if they don't, the war's bound to make it here sooner than later because everybody in our trailer park is good Christians and we show it by leaving our Christmas lights up all year. We ain't gonna be sitting ducks like our forefathers were when Sherman's troops came through. Heck no. This time we're ready.

    So God Bless America, God Bless Sarah Palin and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Audie R. Sadler - sd card

    Perfect for tablets , cellphones and cameras. Love it. Recommend this item for anything. Will buy more when I get the chance.

  • Joshua C. Scott "Joshua Scott" - The Avid Movie-goers companion

    My brother and I have been Leonard Maltins reviews books for years. One of the things I like most about the 2011 edition is it's a little wider which makes it easier to look movies up. Generally, Maltin's reviews are decent -- there are some definite under appreciated movies, however, but I think a avid movie buff should have and use this book. I find it particularly useful when I'm watching a premium movie channel and start a movie a ways into it -- I can look up the movie and get caught up.

    The actor and director index at the end is pointless....most people have access to the Internet and pop over to IMDB.