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  • jillybean - one the best books ever writtenI would give this book 10 stars if I could. After I finished reading the paperback, I went out and bought it in hardcover. Long after the Kindles (which I love) are obsolete and the paperbacks fallen apart, I will still have this yellowed but amazing book. This story makes you ask questions of yourself that you never contemplated before and is therefore a great selection for a book club. To be honest I have read some of McCarthy's other books (All the Pretty Horses and Blood Meridian) and didn't like them nearly as well. The writing style is classic McCarthy and the same as in all his other books. It is most effective, though, in this book. His writing is not flowery and flowing, but spare, clipped and the most spot-on descriptions with few very well chosen words. It is a talent sorely missing in most of today's bestsellers. This is a book that stays with you, haunts you, long after you have put down. It deserves a permanent place in everyone's library.
  • Dale S. - So far its workingOur 5 year old daughter has ulcerative colitis. The doctors have all kinds of medications to treat the symptoms, including a steroid, but nothing to cure it. We started this diet 4 months ago and have slowly weaned her off the steroid. So far she hasn't had any flare-ups. When she does have a flare-up, we will continue with the diet until completely cured. It will take about 3 to 5 years.
  • Leslie - Best investment I ever made on a pillow!I too, was sceptical about spending this much money on a pillow, but I bought it through the manufacterer and the money back gaurantee, plus the 10yr warranty, made me take the leap. I also have cervical problems and I am on permanent disability too. I CAN NOT sleep on a regular pillow anymore! Oh yeah, I have washed it and it has turned out just as great as it started. Everyone I know that has laid on it loves it, so I will probably be buying more for myself and others!
  • Magdalena Duran - A great writer, A great book that teaches women to lean in and face life!I rate this product, THIS BOOK, with 5 starts

    I consider that Sheryl Sandberg is a very good writer who gives women of all walks a great opportunity to learn to lean in and face life.

    The examples are real; the experiences she shares with the reader are . impacting and you can feel that you were in a similar situation sometimes.

    I also like that she gives examples of how men act and behave and how some men do appreciate the work and effort women fulfill at home and in the workforce.

    It is very important to notice that Sheryl Sandberg is always showing the mistakes that some women make, even her own mistakes, and how important it is to learn from those mistakes and lean in anyway.
  • Jim Bob - Now She Knows Her PlaceMy wife was a raging feminist, a real ball buster. I didn't know what to do. Then I saw Bic Cristal for Her and I knew it was the answer! I had to hide all the pens in the house and wait but the day came finally! She was in a rampage about tampons being to phallic and decided to write a letter to Always but couldn't find a pen. I slipped one in her hand and the change was instant. A glittery mist fell on her and when it lifted she was a 50's housewife.