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    Comedian Artie Lange's follow-up to his best seller "Too Fat To Fish" could best be described as a demoralizing tragi-comedy... with less emphasis on comedy. The life that Artie has lived... especially since his last book... to be blunt... is a demoralizing... despicable... appalling... loathsome... detestable... waste of human life. To say he was addicted... would be akin to saying that if you were standing on a beach when a tsunami hit... you might get a few drops of water on your shoes. To the author's credit... other than a few self-deprecating jokes and a few "busting-balls" comments about other people... he doesn't try to paint his journey to a thousand levels below hell... as a sexy... sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll... life of envy. The amounts and types of drugs he inhaled is staggering. Many times the reader will literally step back from the book and say... many times... in different sequences...

    How has Artie not died?... How has Artie not died numerous times?

    And thank the Lord that Artie never killed anyone with all the car accidents and insanity behind the wheel... when he drove... while in such a condition that he shouldn't have been allowed to operate a tooth brush... for fear of him accidentally killing himself while trying to brush his teeth. Come to think of it... maybe that's why he would go so long without showers... shaving... and other cleansing type endeavors. He has also been blessed with some people such as his sainted Mother and sister... and friend Colin Quinn... who refused to give up trying to straighten out and save Artie's life. There is a special place in heaven for them.
    Lange's life of debauchery will lead you from one blackout to another... and finally to intensive care units... psych wards... and mental institutions. Artie blows threw money for drugs... booze... hookers... and gambling while making literally millions of dollars a year... and sometimes $100,000.00 in one night. Again... I give accolades to the author regarding his honesty about the fact that being an alcoholic drug addict encompasses not only tons of drugs and booze... but also the unfettered ability to lie about anything and everything... to everybody you come in contact with... twenty-four-hours-a-day.

    And then... there's the moment in time... that all addicts face... when you unceremoniously hit rock bottom!... when Artie did... it was like a sonic boom... on top of the drugs...

    "I got up off my couch, went to the closet where my maid keeps her supplies, and got a bottle of *CLOROX BLEACH*. I went back to the couch, sat down, removed the cap, and took a swig. I did this four times, thinking that bleach was so toxic it would get me high then make me pass out." ... Then he went to the kitchen and got the biggest chef's knife he had... and started stabbing himself!

    By the end of the book... after multiple rehabs... psych wards... mental institutions... and yes... more drugs... Artie now clean and sober has a cable talk show.

    This book... which includes perhaps the most disgusting bathroom experience in history on a private jet... among other nauseating descriptions... is not always easy to read... but it is definitely a "scared-straight" book for people who think drug and alcohol abuse by entertainment personalities is all glamour.

  • L. J. L. Engelen "Lucien Engelen" - What if Dr. House used Twitter.

    Ok it's a world's first : a book about the use of (social) media in Healthcare that gives a extensive insight in all the different tools that are present and how they can be used in healthcare/medicine.

    A book badly needed since a lot of people are using social networks for use around healthcare related topics. Still in medical education this is not addressed in medical school. Partially because there where no good books about that topic yet, up until now that is. Healthcare professionals are not alone in this by the way, almost 70% of CEO aren't using social media either.

    Written by a young Doctor who after graduation got his Suma Cum Laude PhD at the University of Budapest Bertalan Meskó. As long as i know him (2009) he dedicated his life to making information more accessible for both patients and caregivers. With his platform he provides curated info disease-based, with all kinds of social media presence of it. He created the first ever University course on Social Media for medicine that he is sharing for free, and now he showed his latest "mojo" : a book "Social Media in Clinical Practice"

    Reading it two things come to mind :

    1.The gigantic amount of information and use of social media in healthcare already, but only by a small part of Healthcare professionals.
    2. Professionals NOT yet working in the arena create some new kind of literacy for themselves.

    He spoke about the topic on my latest TEDxNijmegen and the day after addressed over 100 students from our University.
    his book should be on the list of mandatory books for medical students. I will try to do so at our University in Nijmegen. So, strongly recommended reading : Social Media in the Medical Practice by @berci

  • CJF "CJF" - Vast Right-Handed Conspiracy

    I love the Kindle in nearly all respects. I just wish it were either available in a left-handed version -- or had a second "select" button. It is great that there are page-turning buttons on both sides of the Kindle, but the essential button for selecting items or moving through lists is squarely located only on the right side.

    But overall, it is great. I now read hardly anything else anymore (books, newspapers, blogs) except on the Kindle.

  • Sandi - Norton 360 Premier is a Winner

    Purchased this product because it does a great job keeping my computer safe and I have been using Norton for several years. Like it much better than any other product used. Arrived from Amazon very quickly. Will continue to use Norton 360 Premier as long as it performs as well as it does now.