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  • OneShot - Recently DeclassifiedDue to the sensitive nature of these cables, I cannot publicly reveal my identity. As a high ranking purchasing manager for a particular government department I am able to provide a little insight to the history of these cables.

    These cables were specifically researched and designed for our use only. They were to be only sold to authorized government departments and their official agencies and not to the general public. We have been purchasing and using these cables for decades. Because of the economies of scale and the ability to mass market produce these cables now, you get the unique advantage to purchase and own them at an unbelievable low price offered here. $500 toilet seats and $400 hammer purchases were nowhere near the original cost these cables were provided to us for. Only the best for your government.

    These cables were used to wire our entire newly built embassy in desert torn ****. Because of a slight oversight of civilians being housed and working in close vicinity of these classified cables without proper clearance, these cables were finally declassified. This allowed Denon to sell it to the general public.

    Unfortunately we cannot allow evil doers access to our most highly guarded secrets. Luckily we have been using and buying Denon's newest AKDL2 Dedicated Link Cables. Denon's sales team has assured us that new advances in cable technologies and manufacturing has given us the best cables that your tax dollars can provide. They even mention that at a price tag of just over $24,000 each for 1.5m they are taking a loss on each cable sold to us. They consider it their patriot duty and willing to take the loss to support us. As a small thanks for their support and in hopes they recoup some of there loss is the reason I'm here telling this story. They should be rewarded for providing this product at this amazing price!
  • Sarah Kilgour - Great lessonsI have recently been through some awful things in my life. Seizure, brain tumor, cancer... yeah, pretty sad. But I have been looking for books that will not allow me to feel sorry for myself. This book is JUST what the doctor ordered! I learned (am learning) so much about resiliency, flexibility and caring for people through this woman's experience. I absolutely love it.
  • Flash "Iggy Mom" - Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray, 32 ozI originally purchased this from my holistic vet for my Italian Greyhounds. It works great as a repellent against fleas, wood ticks, deer ticks and mosquitoes. Because it's made from natural ingredients we found it works just as well on humans. When we need to walk through what is normally a tick infested area we spray our shoes, legs and pants and have not had one tick on as a result. A worker was putting on a new roof on our garage and the mosquitoes were tormenting him. He sprayed with this product and the mosquitoes left him alone. It smells good and works!