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  • Lynn Harnett - Murder and mayhem"High Five," drops young Trenton, NJ, bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, into her usual refreshing frenzy of mayhem, disaster, sleuthing and old-neighborhood New Jersey.

    This time the disappearance of cheap, crotchety old Uncle Fred nags at Stephanie's attention while her desperate need for money drives her to ask enigmatic, taciturn, mysterious and powerful mentor-colleague Ranger for work. Such as a job of "interior renovation," which involves sweeping drug dealers from their squat at dawn.

    Between working for Ranger, taking Grandma Mazur to funeral viewings, being bested one too many times by her only fugitive (a "little person" computer geek), and struggling with her feelings for vice cop and sometime lover, Joe Morelli, Stephanie hunts for Fred. The only clue is a roll of pictures found in his desk - of human body parts in a garbage bag.

    Evanovich keeps the antics and action jumping without overdoing her dry humor or losing sight of her crisp, mysterious plot.

    Most of her characters will be familiar from earlier books ("One For the Money," Two For the Dough," "Three to Get Deadly," "Four to Score"), but this is no problem for new readers.
  • Adam Schulz - A VERY Important Book1) Police agencies are being transformed into an organized army with military-style gear, weapons, tactics and man-power the size of which is unprecedented.

    2) In many places such as NYC, a civilian cannot own a taser and must fill out police forms in order to purchase pepper spray (let alone a rifle). One mayor even banned gas masks. Domestic disputes and pot use will result in immediate arrests. Police are using exaggerated and fabricated threats of terrorism as an excuse for more power.

    3) The job of a police officer is actually very safe. They manipulate public opinion by making it appear as if it is a dangerous job. In truth, civilian injury and death from police is a bigger problem.

    Small police departments are being militarized and grown for no reason, civilian rights are further limited, jail terms and fines are increased, police are more intimidating and intrusive for no reason, the good guys won't want to be cops and the bad guys will. Both Conservative and Liberal politicians are to blame as everyone involved in government seems to want more and more power. Military-style SWAT teams are being used for pot. There are good cops out there, but the policy is going in the wrong direction.

    It's almost as if the police is being run as a private business; the more arrests the more money. The more money, the more things to buy.

    "Each drug related arrest brought in $153 to each local police department, the drug arrests quadrupled...."

    I hope citizens realize that criminals will not be the only ones affected by the militarization of our police. The US is gradually turning into an oppressive police state. Changes have to be made quickly.