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  • Hyoun Kim "Faluzure" - Recent Roku Convert - VERY Impressed - GUI Smooth As ButterWith over 3600 existing Roku 3 reviews at the time of my review, I'm not going to get into any technicalities other reviewers have already done. They can give you more than enough information on every aspect of the Roku 3. What I will tell you in my review is my scenario and why I ended up buying the Roku 3.

    Back in February 2013, I ended up buying the WD TV Live Media Player Wi-fi 1080p because I felt at that time, it was the best streaming device at the time. I've had experiences with Roku since they first came out in 2008, I was impressed with it but my problem with the Roku is the lack of DLNA support. DLNA normally isn't a big factor for most people but my Samsung TV utilizes it and that's how I got into the whole DLNA scenario in the first place. My computer acts as my DLNA server with the Samsung Allshare software and since that's the only way I can stream media to my Samsung TV upstairs. But I had no possible way to stream to my TV downstairs. For years I waited for a device that supported DLNA but with each new release of the Roku, I found that none of them had DLNA support out of the box until the WD TV Live Media Player came out.

    That was then... and then my friend told me about Plex Media Server and how he uses it in his household with the WD TV Live, Roku 2 XS, and Roku 3. He basically was doing the same thing I was doing (streaming his files to his various TVs within his house). When I asked him his opinions (and told him I thought the WD TV Live was better), he shook his head and said the Roku is better... especially since he was using PLex Media Server (which I wasn't at the time... remember I was using the Samsung Allshare). He showed me his set up and told me to dump the Allshare and give the Plex Media Server a try. I did and found that my Samsung TV was compatible with it and the WD TV Live was also compatible (but a little clunkier). When it came time to allow me to stream a device to my other TV, I finally pulled the trigger... After 5 years later after 2008, I finally decided to stop my boycott of the Roku and give it a shot. I bought the Roku 3. The rest is history...

    There are 3 reasons why I love the Roku vs the WD TV Live...

    Roku 3 has an official (free) Plex channel. This channel works seamlessly with the Plex Media Server and all I can say is wow. It's graphical and it's easy to use. Unlike the WD TV Live, it's not complicated!

    The graphical user interface for the Roku 3 is simple, yet FLUID. I don't know if this is a result of the Roku 3's faster processor (BCM11130 Merlyn) vs the other Roku's BCM2835 processor, but according to the spec sheet, the Roku 3 is 5 TIMES faster than the the ones that utilize the BCM2835 procesor. I've yet to see any slowdowns, hitches, or hiccups while using the Roku 3. It is VERY smooth, very simplistic, and VERY easy to use. My wife can't stop raving how much easier it is to use the Roku 3.

    Probably the best side-feature of the Roku. I watch TV late sometimes and my wife falls asleep earlier than I do. I can't tell you how many times my wife has asked me to turn down the volume on the TV while we were in bed. With the Roku 3, the headphone jack in the remote allows you to use headphones while using the Roku. No more complaints from my wife!!

    I currently subscribe to cable, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Streaming both Netflix and Amazon Prime is as good as it gets. It's quick to buffer and quicker to increase the video quality as the stream progresses. I have absolutely no complaints.

    The Roku 3 pretty much has everything you would want/need in a streaming media player. Given my situation of my Netflix/Amazon Prime/Plex Media Server household, it is the best product in its class.. It has all the channels one would ever want and then some. The only thing it is missing is Youtube, but that's not a dealbreaker for me and I hardly use Youtube anyway outside of my computer and cell phone. Highly pleased.

    Signed... a New Roku Convert.
  • Kelly F - It Works!This diet is working for me! I've been following it for two weeks now and have lost 7lbs. Your best bet is to preplan what you are going to eat on the weekend before you start otherwise you are constantly looking in the book to see what you can have. You also can have all the groceries you need on hand. The Turkey Chili recipe is great! Phase 1 is pretty good because you can have lots of fruit and grains (normally off limits if you've ever low carbed). Phase 2 is hardest for me but the stuffed pepper recipe is good! You will look forward to Phase 3. You almost feel like you are cheating. I think that's what helps keep you going. I was desperate and really wanted this to work - and it did! Also, for those of you who drink coffee - I drank coffee all day long, every day for years! I went cold turkey and it wasn't what I expected. I did take a few ibuprofen (which I don't know if your allowed) but the headache went away after two days. The fruit helps! If you feel like nothing will work for you, try this!
  • heather - Awesome and so NICE! Material in the seat is a dreamSome friends and I went in on it together and bought this for a friend who's back hurt badly from lugging around a 40 pound pos Graco Stroller. Why ANYONE would pick that monster up and lug it around is beyond me! We gave this to her and she almost cried. I cant tell you how beautiful and LIGHT this stroller is, 11 pounds I think? The seat is a plush, super soft fabric, and the footrest comes up for newborns and younger babies. It strolls so smooth and the canopy comes all the way down to block all sun which is major important here in So Cal. The handles are soft and fit perfectly in my hands when I pushed it. Its super easy to fold and unfold! The new wheels on the 2013 are softer rubber and it has great suspension. I wont even try and compare her old Graco to this.
    If you use a stroller everyday and for years, get a good one! No sense in breaking your back daily with a heavy, ugly, no good stroller. I think I will order one of these for myself for my husbands truck. He even liked it, and he couldn't care less about strollers.
  • Bob Steen - Groundbreaking Book and a Good ReadThis was an excellent book, well-written, well-researched, emotional and

    The book consists of reflections of a gay Christian - the author - who is attracted to other men strongly and exclusively. He talks about his struggles, his guilt, his journey so far. He explains his careful thought process which leads him to the conclusion that a Christian has two options regarding sex: a heterosexual marriage, or celibacy. He then tells of how this decision has been working out in his own life.

    One of the areas he explores is why God would allow sexuality to become broken by the fall to the extent that some humans have an incredibly strong desire throughout their entire lives that cannot be satisfied in a way that can please God. He makes a number of great points on this, but I think there's more he could explore on this topic. Unfortunately, this debate makes Wesley seem bitter, probably because he sets up an impossible dilemma: How can someone make it through life without being allowed to experience the ultimate satisfaction of sexual intimacy? He dismisses the obvious objections: many heterosexual people go through life celibate, and many people people in intimate relationships don't have lasting sexual fulfillment. The more troubling problem, however, is thinking that this unmet desire needs to rule his life forever: the type of thing any of us may feel when in our own dark pits of despair, but which we must learn to identify as a lie we tell ourselves. Our problems may never be fully healed in this life, and we may endure pain and suffering our whole lives, but this desperate thirst does not need to rule our lives.

    Remember, the same man that said "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" also said

    But now I see I was not plucked for naught,
    And after in life's vase
    Of glass set while I might survive,
    But by a kind hand brought
    To a strange place.

    For example, one wise view on how to avoid letting brokenness rule our lives can be found in the books of Ed Welch, such as Depression: A Stubborn Darkness--Light for the Path or Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave : Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel (Resources for Changing Lives). (I am not at all implying Wesley is depressed, nor that same-sex attraction is an addiction! But some of the principles discussed in these books are applicable to any Christian who seems overwhelmed by deep emotional needs.)

    I'm not sure whether the author truly felt all that was written in this section, or if he was setting up a rhetorical dilemma using his own person. But my minor criticism aside, this is a wonderful discussion of one of the prevailing attitudes of the homosexual - Christian discussion.

    For the last third of the book, the author explores his deep loneliness, and how this can be used to God's glory. He attributes his loneliness to being gay, on not being able to marry, because even a best friend may move away, where a Christian marriage will last until death do us part. This is a heart-breaking view into the authors soul, and an extremely helpful view I think into understanding the author, but again: there is a lot more that could be explored here. Look Wesley, even good marriages can fail, and don't dismiss the possibility that you will find a committed, emotionally intimate soulmate, male OR female, who is there for you always. And that such a relationship may be fulfilling even if it's celibate. For a gay guy, you're awfully conventional. Despite current problems in the catholic church, there is a great history of celibate Christian communities gathered to serve God, which you also dismiss as an impossible option. Maybe you're being called to be a single parent or a mentor to a young adult, instead of a lover of a peer. You're too focused on C.S.Lewis, who is a writer of amazing insight but who tends to see full glory in the next life, instead of theologians like John Piper who illustrate the glory we can have in this life.

    All those gripes aside, the last part of the book does have a wonderful expression of serving God through the challenges of a heavy burden, and how that burden may allow us to glorify God in a profound way.

    This is definitely a great book to read as an honest mainstream Christian alternative to the popular sentiment that a gay Christian is an oxymoron. Its a fairly quick read but leaves a reader with a lot to digest.