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  • G. K. Halseth "ritestuf" - Just Ordered the Next Three in Series

    I was looking for a series that would make me stop rereading Twilight series for the 10th time, I admit I have another obsession. Don't know how I found Outlander, but it certainly has filled my desire for characters with lives I can escape into. Second in series was hard to get through, I just didn't care about French aristocracy. To demonstrate my deep obsession with these characters, as ordering next three, read author's page in Amazon and wept with joy to see there is a movie in the works. Thank you Diana Gabaldon.

  • Johnson - Great but paper quality is not so good

    I owned both Sanford guide 2010 and 2013. There isn't a big difference between the two but the paper quality is so thin and easy to tear for the 2013 edition. Overall, as a 3rd year pharmacy student, I think it is very helpful in terms of looking up antibiotics. About the font, it is really small.

  • Jack E. Leonard - Same Song Second Verse

    The power of the media, harnessed to the desire to continue producing/selling/using dangerous materials has produced a consistent pattern: attack the science. But, since for a wide range of such dangerous materials the scientific evidence is substantial and generally convincing, this can be a hard task. The solution: emphasize the uncertainties, reanalyze the data, and counsel waiting for certainty.

    A former federal health and safety official with direct experience in dealing with these issues, Michaels provides a heavily annotated, passionate description of how the same PR and legal firms who helped the tobacco industry for years have also guided the use of this strategy for dozens of other health and environmental issues, up to and including the global climate change debate. By sowing doubt and insisting on "sound science" they have extended the life cycle of dangerous practices and exposed workers and consumers to disease and death.

    The book is full of detailed history, but Michaels is interested in making progress. After telling the (limited) success of the Department of Energy turnaround in compensated nuclear energy workers, he tells of the difficulties of the last decade and sketches 12 important initiatives for the new Administration, Congress, and the courts to finally come to grips with these important problems. Without change in these areas, as consumers and employees can expect the same song, second verse, for the indefinite future.