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  • OhioWorkingMom - No more Energy Vampires!!

    Great book, an easy read! Loved every minute of it. If you are looking to energize your team or just change the atmosphere at home, READ THIS! Helped with my teenage daughter... understanding how to view things positively...helped me change the way I handled her "negative, I don't want to listen to you" behavior . Positive energy is contagious. :)

  • kwall1343 - LOVE IT!

    I must say that my Kindle Fire is amazing and it is definitely a must-have item. If you are looking for a reading device, or even just a tablet that you can search the internet with, this is the device to go with. Much cheaper than anything apple related and way better in my opinion. Easy access to all my favorite books. I am on it at least 3-5 hours of my day.

  • Linda Spencer - Norton Antivirus protection

    I have used Norton for years and have been satisfied. I especially liked the price by ordering from Amazon, vs purchasing in a store. It has always worked for me. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants complete anti-virus protection. I would recommend purchasing the CD, vs downloading from the purchase site.

  • R. Meisner "Just a guy" - Lifelong Quicken user - 2013 Premium is working fine

    I have been using Quicken since it was first available (late 1980s I think). I upgrade every few years, usually when they force me to (by removing support for my version). I'm OK with that, as the program serves me very well - I use it for financial tracking and investments.

    Every time I upgrade, it requires two things: a little tweaking to get records and accounts properly categorized or otherwise treated, and a little getting used to the new layout/options/commands that they feel compelled to change. Today I upgraded from 2010 to 2013 on a Windows 7 machine, and it was very smooth. Perhaps I represent the silent majority? Keep in mind I have 20+ years of records, dozens of accounts (many old and hidden), and about 230,000 entries/transactions.

    Before upgrading, I scanned the web briefly and learned it might be prudent to remove my password, which I did. Then I backed up my file and let Quicken do its thing. After the upgrade, I had to make some account categorization changes (similar to what an earlier reviewer noted): changing my formerly "do not include in total" accounts to "separate" accounts. Everything else appears to be in order, I see no other errors in my data or financial records, and online downloading of transactions is working fine for all my financial institutions. As for usability changes, 2013 isn't very different from 2010 so that doesn't appear to be an issue for me.

    I have no plan to try the mobile features. I will revise this review as I start using Quicken 2013 if any notable problems arise.