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  • Alternate Worlds - Quality from Down Under

    If you are looking for fresh and interesting horror fiction you should do yourself a favour and download this little beauty for free. The Australian Horror Writers Sampler 2013 is a deliciously dark and twisted wander through the work of seven writers. A couple of the authors contained herein I’d heard of but the delight for me was discovering the work of those that I hadn’t and will now in all honesty, seek out, buy and read.

    The sampler kicks off with “The Grief School” by Matthew Tait. This twisted tale is about a gambler who, in order to pay off his debts, makes a deal with a very human devil. It’s disturbing and goes off down some very dark paths but is a great read with jet black shades of early Clive Barker shot through its’ veins.

    This is then followed by “Harry’s Dead Poodle” by David Kernot. This is another dark and disturbing tale about a man, his love of poodles, a lunchbox and his neighbour. A weird mix but the writing, like the initial story, is raw, in your face and has a great finale. Probably not one to read before dinner though!

    The third story is an extract from a novel called “End of Dreams: The immortal Destiny Book One” by Kim Faulks. This one bowled me over. Visceral and brutal, it introduces Edric Hastings “The Woodcutter”, a child serial killer and his date with destiny at the hands of Mercy, a vampire. As an introduction to her work it’s very full on but very, very good. Definitely on my “to read” wish list!

    Hear No Evil by Shane Jiraiya Cummings is a great little tale about a man involved in an industrial accident who is disturbed by screams. Again, I am on the hunt for more of Mr. Cummings’ work.

    The Nightmare Dimension is another rollicking good novella from David Conyers. Take a pinch of Clive Barker, a drop of Hellblazer, a good glug of quality writing, a handful of magic and demonology and shake vigorously and you have this heady brew of a story. Conyers never fails to impress with the sheer fun that he conveys through his writing.

    Empties by Jay Caselberg was another story that I really liked. Hell, I liked them all but this has a more subtle writing style to it that just lingers. The story follows the breakdown of a relationship and the main character’s obsession with people who he sees out and about who just appear empty. It’s not overtly horrific but has this perspective about human behaviour and psychology that just struck a chord with me.

    The End of Ever (Part 1) by Troy Barnes has shades of “The Drive In” about it. It is another novel extract where a group of people are transported to somewhere where darkness reigns. A tantalising glimpse is all we get. Another one for the wish list methinks! In fact pretty much everything here is wish list material. This is a great wee freebie to get and a wonderful introduction to a whole new world of horror and darkness.

  • Chris - It works.

    I've dealt with the 1-2x per year cold sore for years now. They're awful, but you probably already know that if you're reading this. I admit I haven't tried a lot of cures because the only thing I'd heard of that really works is prescription medication and I never remember to ask my doctor. Fast forward to last weekend when I felt a cold sore coming on. I don't get the tingling sensation everyone talks about, I just end up with soreness on my lip and that's the sign that something's wrong. By that time I know I'm hours hours away from dealing with the full symptoms. Well I did some quick research on Amazon this time and found out about Abreva and I picked it up at Wal-Mart - a bit more expensive than Amazon, but I had it in 20 minutes. I proceeded to apply it every one to two hours the first day. I was pleased to find that by the next morning the usual symptoms - blistering, scabbing, etc - had been largely avoided. I applied several times the second day. By this morning (third day), I was just left with some discomfort from where the broken skin was already healing, but it never became a full-blown cold sore. Instead of two weeks of being self-conscious and in serious discomfort, I just had a day or two of minor discomfort. Totally worth it. The packaging and most reviews will tell you to apply this as soon as you know a cold sore is forming, which I agree with. I'm not sure how the effectiveness is reduced by waiting too long and I have no intention of finding out! Anyway, give it a try.

  • HappyAuntie - Don't hesitate - get it!!!

    I bought this stroller along with the compatible infant seat (Britax B-Safe) as a gift for my brother and his wife. They assembled it the same day and they were soo thrilled with it, they brought it over to my house to show it off to the family. There are so many efficient features that Britax put in that all Moms will love. Those are in the product description. I will say that my brother put my 2 yr old nephew in it and went for a run up and down our long street and the stroller didnt bat an eyelash! It has a lock on the front wheel for this. I wouldnt bring it on unpaved surface to jog. but on a paved surface this stroller can easily double as a jogger. I think parents would love to know how incredibly EASY this stroller is to fold and unfold. It is a genuine one-hand fold. It is so easy to hold things (like baby, or bags, or both!) with one arm and collapse the stroller in the other. It is extremely light. My brother and his wife had purchased a Maxi-Cosi and within 20 minutes of playing with this stroller, my sister-in-law was excaliming that this stroller was HERS and the Maxi-Cosi could be the backup. She loved the ease of folding and the lightness and all the pocket features. This truly is a wonderful stroller. The matching infant seat is amazing too. As a travel system, parents couldnt be happier. With the stroller alone, parents couldnt be happier! Dont hesitate- this is a solid and smart purchase you will be thrilled with.