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  • Stephen Jaeger - Faithful exegesis meets personal vulnerability and elevates conversation

    I'd known of Wes Hill's book for some time, after it continued to pop up on various recommended reading lists for me. But after a close friend--who has both a strong faith in Jesus as Lord, AND a longtime wrestling with unwanted same sex attraction--said, "This book basically describes me," I knew I had to read it. It was worth every penny and every moment spent in it.

    I cried through most of the first chapter (called the "prelude"), which is the story of Hill's personal journey with homosexual desires in a life committed to Christ. His vulnerability is as remarkable as his skill at interpreting and explaining key passages of Scripture. (He mentions, but doesn't interact much with, Richard Hays' important chapter on this subject in "The Moral Vision of the New Testament." More interaction with that might have been helpful.) Later chapters are equally good in content, but none moved me to the same extent as his own story.

    I came away from Washed & Waiting not only eager for this to have an elevating impact on the church's public & private conversations about homosexuality, but also for it to impact our vision & teaching about sexuality in general. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

  • SilviaBC - I'm amazed

    I bought this product for my daughter who has tried every otc and prescription antiperspirant. When googling botox treatments and surgery, I came across sweat block and decided to order it. My daughter was skeptical but decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks she thought it might work (did not sound very encouraging) but a few weeks later asked if I could order more because it worked. What a relief!

  • yolanda - Scariest of the series

    I love this series. I don't know how I am going to survive until the next installment. There is something about Perry, Dex and a school that is haunted by dead children that really did it for me. Personally, I think this one of the scariest books in the EIT series. Oh, and the end.....not going to tell you what happens (although I do love my spoilers) but it is a must read. Also, if you are in a steamy mood this book will not disappoint. There were definitely some scenes where I was fanning myself. Once again this was another great read by Karina Halle