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  • Catcollectorjoe a.k.a. Mediawingnuts.blogspot - Not easy to read AT ALL!The message was a stomach punch. No, I didn't agree with every word (I do believe God loves sinners, for example), but the overall message was not lost on me one bit. My life has already begun to change and for that, I simply say, "Thank you, Jesus!" I could not read this book in one sitting; after as few as ten minutes at times, I had to lay the book down and allow myself to wipe my eyes dry as I contemplated what I had just read. A must read for all Christians!
  • Colin Hanephin - Better than I expected!This tablet is the first one I have ever purchased, and I was expecting it to be alot more complicated to use than it is. The picture is great. I do not see any reason to spend $200 more on a newer version because so far it has done everything I expected it to do and more! It is a great product.
  • Kent J. Smythe - Great ProtectionI have several computers and most of them are protected with McAfee,a couple were installed at the factory with a different antivirus program and I have not switched yet.

    I like the McAfee because it runs in the background and gives me a heads up if there's anything I should be aware of,but it does NOT slow down my computer like some other programs (Norton) have done to me in the past.

    There have been a couple times when I've wandered into dangerous internet areas and the McAfee caught the virus meant for me and kept me out of harm's way.

    I'm very glad for the SiteAdvisor in Total Protection and have paid more attention to it and I have NOT been in a bad situation since then.

    I like it and I feel protected by this program and the cost to protect three computers is less then it used to cost me to protect just one in the past.
  • LumurianMama - Life ChangingI've read this book 3 different times over the years and it always gives me the tools I need to tap into my creative side, releasing any blocks holding me back. I love gifting this book to friends who eventually always tell me how much it has changed their life for the better. It's a great workbook that never gets old. This is truly one of my most favorite self help books. I can't recommend it highly enough.