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  • Daniel M. Bell - Gave me my life back!

    I purchased this book about 5 months ago based off the many positive reviews from Amazon. I had never heard of the diet before this point. I was suffering terribly from Colitis and trying to take care of a newborn baby and 3 year old. I would be up at night with the baby then up with my stomach then up with my three year old and then repeat. I found that the only way I could function to care for my children was to starve myself so that I did not have to live in the bathroom. Within three days of starting this diet the awful pains in my stomach went away and within 12 days the other symptoms began to improve. I am fully recovered now and praise the day I found this book and got my life back. I can enjoy my kids again. Some people say this diet is too hard, or you can't travel while on the diet or you can only do it if you have time to make things from scratch. I have very little time to spend cooking as I have had a newborn and have been successful. You just have to find those easy foods and stick with them and pack them when you travel. I eat hard boiled eggs, cheddar cheese sticks, bananas with peanut butter inside, yogurt smoothies, fruit and veg. I eat out at restaurants all the time I eat lots of salads without dressing or I bring my own dressing. It is a lifestyle adjustment but once you have stuck with it gets much easier like any new thing. I agree with other reviewers that if it seems too restrictive you probably are not sick enough. That being said I know and the author acknowledges that this diet unfortunately does not work for everyone but it saved my life maybe it will help you.

  • Brian Harper - Great way to make your TV smart!!!

    The KDLINKS A100 couldn't perform better. Installing was simple because there really is none. Hook the HDMI cable to your TV plug in the provided power adapter, and your done. I have mine hard wired for greatest connectivity but I am sure the Wi-Fi would work great as well, provided your router and internet speed are up for streaming. All the great apps are available through the play store and firmware updates are provided through the KDLINKS website. I recommend doing the firmware update as soon as you hook this up. The device will go from Android 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 and clean up the interface. Other than that an optional keyboard is nice if you plan on surfing the web and I prefer a tablet look so I added Nova Launcher after setting up but it a personal preference.

    I would highly recommend anyone looking for a device to stream web content to get the KD Links A100. You get much more hardware with this over the Android sticks and it comes with a remote.

  • Terry Holdbrooks - Disregard the 1 star reviews

    They lack the interest or the concentration to play the game as it was designed. They want to easily finish it, and it is not easily finished. I played Diablo 1 and 2, I grew up with them, I remember when demos existed for everything. Kids today have no concept of these ideas, the past, quality, etc. This is a fun game!