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  • Ronald King - The bad and beautiful about the nutribullet

    I purchased my nutribullet online at target about 4 months ago. Use it twice a day and couldn't be happier. About 6 weeks ago it began leaking a brown fluid from the bottom of the blade assembly. At the same time I thought the motor was getting louder. I kept trying to ignore it because I truly love this machine and hate returning anything. While on a month long visit to San Diego I got an email from a friend said hers was doing the same thing. Since she got it at wal mart she just returned it for a new one. The new blade assembly said it was " new and improved". Since I didn't have the whole kit with me just the one cup and motor and blade assembly I tried emailing nutribullet. Well glory be I got an email in 24 hrs and a phone call in 36. My new blade assembly is on its way and even though he didn't admit to an on going problem he didn't question me about what I had done to the machine. So if I get it this week and it works like new I'm happy. If not I will amend this review. All in all I love this machine I hope I can continue to say that

  • GAIL ADAMS - The only thing that worked

    I tried every product out there for my son from tablets from the doctor to every wash out there and nothing worked. I saw this product and it guaranteed to clear his skin. Im in the uk and had to send to america.For it. Which made it more expensive but It did clear his skin and now his skin looks great So to me it was worth every penny
    beware thou This product will ruin any towel it touches

  • R. Roberts - aphogee 2 step protein treatment really works miracles

    Aphogee Two-step Treatment Protein for Damaged Hair 16 oz.This product really does work, follow directions exactly and your hair will be repaired. My daughter had completely fried hair after a bad high lighting, the hair was so damaged she was going to cut it all off. We tried the aphogee 2 step treatment and her hair was repaired to the point that she loved it. I highly recommend this product.

  • Olimpia A. Padula - She Can Tell

    Another great story by Melinda Leigh. She Can Tell is filled with so much suspense, romance and mystery. It was such a thrill ride reading it, it was definitely hard to put down.

    I'm not going to rewrite the synopsis here, so I'm just going to jump to the review. There is so much going on and through out the book it all seems to center on Rachel Parker, one of the lead characters. I loved Rachel's character. She's very strong willed and stubborn, but never thinks of herself. She puts her health and well being behind everyone else. She may be a pain in everyone's ass at times but she means well. But someone is targeting Rachel and throughout the book Ms. Leigh has us going back and forth trying to figure out who it is.

    In comes Police Chief Mike O'Connell. We met Mike in She Can Run, but we didn't really get to know him yet. I absolutely loved Mike in this novel. What I loved the most was both of their personalities. Mike is as strong willed and stubborn as Rachel is, and there are times you can actually see them wanting to punch each other out, and they don't really get that they are so much alike. It's hysterical. This relationship wasn't a "love at first sight" thing; it was more of a turbulent beginning. Rachel's previous relationships always seem to give up when she put up a fight, but Mike's stubbornness put him head to head with her, until those walls came down. It was wonderfully written.

    As usual the sexual tension and romance was done perfectly. It wasn't over done, and it didn't take away from the story either. This was a fast paced, action packed, suspenseful mystery that I would recommend to everyone who loves a combination of suspense, mystery, humor and romance. Can't wait for the next one.

  • MsTat - Best product for damage hair

    I went from black hair to platinum blond. I've bleached and toned my hair so many times its falling out. The whole front of my hair is about 2 inches long it was about 14 inches long and the ends was horrible. Went to a beauty supply and they recommend ApHogee two step protein. I've only used it once so far and it worked miracle. My hair is healthy again, the ends are now smooth and no longer split. I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it to anyone with damaged hair. It works! The sales rep recommend I use it once per week or once per month, with the result I got I will only be using it once per month. Very happy it saved my hair, now I want to tell everyone about it.