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  • debrah fasolo - Life Code by Dr. Phil McGrawThis book really nails it. The information in it is priceless. I am 59 yrs. old and think every one of all ages should read this. I bought this book since I am a caregiver of 10 yrs and moved back to my home state. (I was in Florida for 33 yrs) Therefore being a caregiver I don't have very much opportunity to get to meet people for friends. But most of the people that I have met I walk away wondering "things" about them most of the time. This book gives you a fantastic insight of what to watch for and the red flags. I have highlighted things in it as well as using dividers for easy reference. I think everyone should read this because there are so many baiters (a term Dr. Phil uses) in this world. Wise up, get the book and learn how not to be taken advantage of.
  • Kenan Cain - niceReceived tablet now for a couple of weeks and it is working wonderful, my product was delivered on time and the battery life is also amazing. love Samsung galaxy products.
  • dfrerking - Puts All the Pieces TogetherI have followed Dr. Andy for a long time and have gotten very honest information from him. I have used many of the techniques that he now points out no longer work.

    This book is about what currently works after the Panda and Penguin updates and more importantly should work for a long, long time. The book discusses "The Four Pillars of Post-Penguin SEO":

    1. Quality Content
    2. Site Organisation
    3. Authority
    4. What's in it for the visitor?

    This is an excellent guide for both those new to SEO and those, like myself, that are still trying to figure out the latest Google updates and move forward.
  • Bunnylulu - I Love It!I have had my Keurig Vue V700 for about a month, and so far it is working beautifully. Soooo convenient, and the coffee is good too. I drink only decaf, and the selection is limited at the present time---hoping that will improve soon. Instructions are to use bottled water. That gets to be a lot of bottles to buy. I'm thinking of buying a filter pitcher to use instead in order to eliminate a few bottles.