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  • Avery Gordon "muse77" - It does what it says it does.I agree with one other poster who said, "Do not buy it from DermaWand." My reasons are the same, that being that I believe you can get this device for less money than the device's home site asks. However, this device does produce positive results. They are not permanent, you have to keep up the wand's use. But use it with any slippery gel, and you'll get lifted results.

    I'll tell you, though, there's a use that DermaWand is foolish NOT to advertise: It is WONDERFUL for cystic acne. I'm 60 and have fought cystic acne my whole life. The creams/lotions/internal meds used to treat it are harsh, and in the case of Accutane, very dangerous. When I get a cyst starting, I put the DermaWand right on the top of where the cyst is, zap it at a setting of 6 or more for a minute a time three times a day, and the cyst quite simply disappears, without scarring or discoloring my skin, and without pain. And you know how many of us can't resist trying to puncture the cyst with a needle, etc., which hardly ever works. The DermaWand is a MIRACLE for acne, and I stand by it as I've used it for years. IT WORKS!
  • Ann-Marie - Very inspirationalSoul Surfer is an inspiring tale of a strong, young woman who was able to overcome one of life's biggest challenges. Bethany Hamilton may have lost her arm in a shark attack, but she did not lose faith. She was able to get back on the board only a few weeks after the attack, and was determined to compete again. In this book, she talks about the pain and fear she experienced, and also about the love, fame, and fortune (that of which went to her medical costs) that she received as the news spread across the country. Initially, she did not enjoy the spotlight, but then realized that this was an opportunity for her to share her story and her faith. Her touching story inspired many people who were going through a similar situation, and helped them realize the good that can come from it. As a teenager, it is easy to relate to her and her story, and it should help people realize that some of the best things can come from the worst possible scenarios.