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  • arthur kaell - as thankful as the others

    Let me add one more praiseful review.

    Our child was diagnosed with Crohns at the age of 12. He quickly developed severe symptoms, and underwent a number of treatments and a number of hospitalizations. Surgery seemed imminent. Associated with this history were different dietary and feeding regimes (tpn and naso-gastric feeding, for example). During one hospitalization, which lasted about 3 months, I found time to read this book which a friend had given me some months earlier. It was an absolute revelation. It seemed to provide an exact explanation for patterns and timing of symptoms which were simply inexplicable in the context of any discussion with doctors.

    One example, and there were several others: The standard advice given by doctors with regard to nutrition and Crohns seems to focus almost exclusively on the physical process of food passing through the bowel, rather than causality. That is, if the bowel is constricted by inflammation, roughage should be avoided. On such a diet -- which in practice was heavy on processed food, starches and sugar -- several symptoms of our child's intestinal distress visibly increased, though drugs -- objectionable for other reasons -- controlled the inflammation.

    Our child (who is now 14) has had the discipline to stay on this diet for close to a year, though many of his favourite foods were eliminated. Since starting it he has never had a relapse of the disease, or the intestinal symptoms associated with it. This has been essentially without drugs. This very much contradicted the predictions of doctors who were urging the continued use of powerful drugs. I might add that his observance has not been absolutely religious. Very occasionally for social or simply for personal reasons he briefly departs from the diet. In his case this seemingly has no ill effect, contrary to the tone of the book and several of the reviews.

    I think that we owe a great measure of thanks to Elaine Gottschall.

  • Vahagn - Awesome product

    Well this is one if the best tablets I've ever meet. It works like a charm almost all the time. Sometimes there may be some issues with "The Library" app, which I think is Asus fault. I suggest to turn wifi off if you don't use it, cause it takes almost 70% of battery

  • Julie Ferwerda "Author & Speaker" - Perfect meal replacement!

    I was so happy to find this product (all flavors). I have allergies to dairy, eggs, wheat, and almonds--practically all breakfast foods. I also try to avoid all grains. This meal replacement has the perfect amount of protein to carb ratio, plus it is full of raw, whole foods and omega 3. I only use one scoop with coconut milk, a small handful of walnuts, and a handful of berries (and sometimes a little coconut and stevia) and it gets me through the 5 hour stretch until lunch with plenty of energy. I alternate flavors too as they are all great.

    I am so happy to have found this product as I now have a delicious and filling option for breakfast again. I am not sure why some of the negative reviewers said it doesn't taste good--I think the flavor is perfectly mild and delicious. Because of the chia seeds it can get a little thick if you don't drink it right away but if you add some water it helps with the consistency.

  • reader - Hunting eve

    I gave it five stars, because this book was exciting and scary at the same time. You were hopping that you could tell Joe and Jane where eve was out. And than she finds out who her father was,and she did not what to believe the truth. I can not wait until the next book comes out so I can find out what happened to eve. Even though I know what happen. I would recommend this book to any body who likes a great book. Philadelphia

  • J. Stewart - Very helpful!

    This is very well written and informative. I read the entire thing non-stop from start to finish.

    Andy is one of the few people that I listen to when it comes to SEO because rather than "follow the usual crowd", that tends to share rehashed information with little value that's based on fact, he does his own testing to determine what is actually working for him and then shares his own results.

    Andy covered pretty much every question I had about SEO moving forward from the Penguin update.

    Unlike some things that he's written in the past, in this product his examples were very easy to understand and everything he wrote made complete sense. He's obviously a very intelligent individual, but sometimes that made it difficult to wrap my head around some of his examples in his previous work. However, this time he used a variety of different examples that were much easier for me to comprehend (and retain).

    He also included an outstanding section on how to properly structure a Wordpress blog. I was unknowingly hurting my own blogs by making a few simple mistakes that I wasn't aware of. This information alone was incredibly valuable!

    Highly recommended reading for anyone that does SEO. I give it a BIG two thumbs up!