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  • A. Sturgess "Sturgeon" - Required reading

    As someone that used to work on huge ships on the Great Lakes, I think this book should be required reading for all those weekend warriors that venture out into the commercial shipping channels.
    We will run you down if we have to but would prefer not to, your choice.
    Thank you Capt. Trimmer! This might save some ship's whistles as we may not have to blow the danger signal so much.

  • DWD "DWD's Reviews" - seems tough,apps can be pricey

    My kids have had the super-tough Leapsters for years, but this is our first foray into having a LeapPad. The good news is that this gadget seems to be just as tough as the Leapster, which is important considering how often children can drop iPads/Kindles/Nooks/etc.

    Like they seem to do with all tablets, will figure out how to use the LeapPad quickly. If you want to add to the pre-loaded apps the LeapPad comes with a $20 credit. That's great, but do some careful shopping because the big name brand apps can cost more than that. Besides the apps, there are built-in features such as the camera, the calender, a folder for books (none included), a folder for mp3s (you have to pay more the the mp3 player if you want to add your child's music). Loading the LeapPad with a wide variety of activities, apps, music and more could get pricey.

    So, in short, the LeapPad is durable but you really need to look at other tablets and see if you want to buy a dedicated child-based tablet or an adult tablet that can be adapted to your child with much cheaper (or free) apps.

  • Jalesa Simpson - MIRACLE PRODUCT

    I have EXTREMELY oily skin, with dry patches and moderate acne. I started using this product 4 days ago, and three bumps that were on my forehead for about 2 months have completely flattened out. I could not be more pleased with this system. I will note that I have gotten what looked to be clogged pores on my chin, maybe 2, and my nose was very flaky until this morning when I broke the rules of the system (!) and exfoliated it with a wash cloth. I will probably do the same for my chin area. I am so so thrilled with my results already and plan to continue the product and repurchase.

  • Haines4Health - What a time saver!

    Incredible time-saving software. Once you have it set up, just click one button and download all your bank and credit card information quickly and easily! I'm a procrastinator, and usually wait til tax time to manually enter all the year's info. Not anymore - this makes it so easy. No more manual entering! Hint: most banks only allow you to go back 90 days for download history. Don't wait all year to hit the button! Do it monthly when you get your statement. Love it!

  • Reeljuals - Great No Frills - Compact Megazoom Camera

    I currently have a 5 year old Canon Digital Elph and have been looking for a compact megazoom. My knowledge of camera features and operation is very basic. I don't know how to use manual controls and am not interested in learning. My needs are simple - compact, easy to use, at least 12x optical zoom and no frills with decent picture quality that I can point and shoot. Set up was a breeze and I didn't need the manual. I've been playing around with it out in the yard and indoors. The pics look very good to my amateurish eyes. Price is also right. I wasn't able to find a comparable camera with similar features in this price range. All in all, I'm quite pleased.

    I finally had a chance to use the video mode. Using 720P, the colors were very sharp and true in color. Using video is very simple. There is a red button on the back of the camera and just pressing it will activate video and pressing a second time will end the video. If you need to use zoom, it must be enabled prior to depressing the video button. Once video is activated, zoom is disabled. Although, not in stereo, sound is very good - and not "tinny". It picked up the chirping birds, my footsteps in the grass, a neighbors dog barking, etc. I can't comment on action videos as I've not had a chance to use it for that purpose.

    For the price, this camera is a real deal.

    9 May edit/clarification: Optical zoom can be enabled during video recording without sound, i.e., microphone must be turned off.