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  • J. Alberts - Quick Books Pro 2011Having no desire to upgrade to QuickBooks Pro 2011 at this time, but the fact when I put QuickBooks Pro 2010 on a Windows 7 desktop I had issues with the PDF Converter 2.0.
    It worked great on the XP machine, but I could not email invoices and reconciliation was a bit tricky. Upgrading to QB Pro 2011 fixed all that and it runs great.

    Amazon not only had the best price, but delivery was pronto.
  • Apocalypse Now - Easy NukeI bought this based on a recommendation from Kim Jong Ill who was referred by the late Saddam Hussein, who both said it is fantastic and allows "Nuclear Bombs for Everybody." Kim Jong Ill's personal recipe for "easy nuke" is one cup of uranium ore, two cups of sugar, 4 cups of green jello, and 4 tablespoons of real butter. Simply mix that up and bake for 45 minutes at 375 degrees and you have a nuclear bomb. Bake! Drop! Repeat! Oh, and do not induce vomiting if consumed and contact a doctor immediately!
  • Alan Hirsch - Amazon trumps both Apple and Microsoft!Despite claims from Apple that their office productivity programs are better (or at least are higher-rated), the Microsoft Office suite remains the standard.

    Also, since I have a MacBook Air with no disk drive, I cannot walk into a store and buy the product through conventional channels (installing the disk, etc.). How convenient is it for Amazon to offer a digital download of the Microsoft Office suite? Well, it is extremely convenient and will be more so as users abandon heavyweight disk drives in favor of downloads. When I bought this product in July 2011 from Amazon, neither Apple nor Microsoft offered a digital download option.

    I hate to make this sound like Amazon propaganda, but clearly Amazon fulfilled my needs in a way that neither of the two industry giants could. Thanks!!
  • Susan R. Davison "flying 4 a living" - READ IT. JUST READ ITI'm not one to gush on and on about books, but after reading Still Missing I have to add my two cents. I came across this because I am a Lisa Gardner fan and she reviewed the book. I had a sample sent to my Kindle and was hooked by the first sentence. All the other reviewers here have gone on with the plot, etc. I'm just adding that this is a book you don't want to miss. I couldn't put it down and will reread this again, and again. It's that good. Don't put this aside. You won't be sorry.
  • joseph - Oh my what a helpSince I've gotten this book I have become the Doc on hiking and camping trips. I am not in anyway in the medical profession, I have just had first aid training and have had it for many years continued training. This book has just made it easier for me to perform more practical and injury specific first aid then before. I will recommend this book, however I will state that this book is not a replacement for qualified medical professionals.