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  • Carl L. Hall Jr. - Powerful Insights for Business and Personal Value from Technology

    I loved Age of Context, and you will too! This book offers compelling insights on how technology is being used to improve our personal and professional lives. For those of us who love what innovation can do for us as people and for the customers we serve, this is a great book.

    As someone who works with startup businesses adapting innovative technology to solve problems and meet needs, I thoroughly enjoyed the numerous examples of business innovation placed within the framework of the five forces of context: mobile, social media, data, sensors and location. While the book is forward leaning, make no mistake: It is not all "Dick Tracy" and "Star Wars." It is practical, insightful and valuable. Let me repeat -- VALUABLE! I'm using ideas in this book today to guide business decisions right now. Nice work, Robert Scoble and Shel Israel and Shel Israel!

  • Curdog - Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (10.1-inch)

    This was my first tablet and I picked it up from Amazon Warehouse Deals. Was leery about this type of purchase from Warehouse Deals but it was as described and in great condition. Got it up in running in five minutes. It downloaded an upgraded operating system (took a while) and operates just like the Tab 3s I have viewed, only a bit slower. Great screen and easy to learn operating system. Have downloaded several free apps and easily set up my home and work emails. Overall works great. No complaints. I added a case with keyboard and find it much more versatile that the Netbook it replaced.

  • R. Murphy - Incredible!

    When I got this book, I sat down to read for an hour -- and didn't stop until I had finished it. This is an unbelievably powerful book by any standard, but that this is Chevy Stevens's first book is really amazing. This is the story of Annie in her own words, and as she is talking to her therapist, layers of the story come out. There is the year she spent trapped by a psychopath, which will have you absolutely on the edge of your seat as she struggled to survive, both physically and mentally. Then there is the other side of the battle -- what happened when she came home and tried to pick up her life. You feel her small triumphs -- when she can sleep in her bed rather than in a closet, when she is finally able to pee on her own time rather than the schedule that her captor forced on her. And you feel every setback, and when you learn the most horrible secret of her captivity, you'll cry for her, like I did.

    But beyond plot and storyline, what makes Stevens's work really resonate is that all of the characters are fully rendered. No one is a stock character, and no one is flat. Annie is powerful in her anger, but you also see her lowest moments, and the times when her anger is vented on those who are innocent. You see her struggles. All of those around her are also full -- her boyfriend, best friend, mother, the cop handling her case, and even the psychopath himself are all complex individuals with motivations and longings.

    This was an amazing book, and I absolutely recommend it, as well as whatever else Chevy Stevens might write in the future.