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  • Elayne Doue - Makes SenseI am new to SEO, and have read a couple of other books. No authority backs my review, but I think the author deserves praise. His ideas about what Google is looking for make sense to me. I have seen my Google search results change in quality over the years in the ways that mesh with what he describes.
  • brandy - Happy with itI have only been on this for 1 week at very minimum dose of 1 pill an hour before a meal and lost 2 pounds without doing anything else! I am disabled and cannot exercise so this was great for me to find! My appetite is curbed and I am now amping the dose to 2 pills before eating!
    Update: roughly 3 weeks into it and now 5 pounds lighter with zero exercise.. I forgot to take it one day and realized that I didn't eat the entire plate that was in front of me :) I will be reordering my next supply shortly :)
  • Adibee - Always Loved Seagate! Great ProductMy first external Hard Drive that i got was about 5 years ago on a black friday sale and it was a Sea gate FreeAgent was about 500GB. I still have it and its still fully functional.
    As a result I bought this Seagate Backup Plus 3 TB. Amazon sent the hard drive on time and I got it pretty fast, I did notice that the price of this model keeps on fluctuating, amazon did a good jobn on securing the product in the box as I always prefer buying hard drives from a store than online as they are sensitive to shocks and bumps. Coming out of the box I would say the drive is fairly easy to setup, just plug and play. I had another option the Sea Gate Expansion but if you are lazy like me and would just like to have a External drive with an already included back up software this is the way to go. Setting up a back up plan is fairly easy all you have to do is go into the program and select which drive you want to back up and set it. On my initial back up it took a while as i was backing my whole laptop up. I havent yet tried the restore options on it. You can also back up other externel drives and I backed up my older Sea Gate too just in case that fails.

    Prior to this one I had another hard drive from Western Digital (1 TB) and it failed on my twice and recently started to make noises. Thats the main reason i stayed away from WD.

    Over all noise is not a any concern for me and does not heat up too. It also has bars on it which tells you how many percent of data is stored on the hard drive which was pretty handy. I keep it flat on my desk and I read somewhere its fine, you dont have to keep it upright.

    The finishing of the product is really nice, it does have a glossy finish which means its prone to finger prints but I dont think you will be handling ur desktop exter hard drive that much for it to matter. In conclusion so far I am satisfied with the hard drive and recommend it highly to anyone who doesnt want to go through the hassle of setting up windows backing up sofware and wants something straight forward. I will update here with any issues if it comes up!
  • John Green "Darkwriter" - Still The OneI'm a long time fan of this software line. This latest version has a wide range of features and tweaks that other programs don't, and while there are still a couple of minor features I'd like to see included, in three years of steady use I've never had a real complaint with Trend Micro's software.

    This package also includes a disc for Mac users, so everyone can join the fun. Installation is quicker than most other programs and it updates automatically, so almost as soon as you've installed you're rolling. It operates in the background like it should, but depending upon your settings and browsing habits you may get constant popups informing you of protected info being phished for.

    All the Trend Micro standards are included here: Customized Data Theft Prevention (you can have it protect any info you like- not just email and credit cards), Secure Erase, Parental Controls, A/V, Anti-Spyware & Anti-Spam, etc, Vault for protection your most important data.

    New features include: Social Network Protection- which scans your TwitFaceSpace pages for spam & malware; Smartphone & Tablet Protection- linked security for your portable devices; SafeSync- offering up to 10gb backup; Fake A/V Cleaner- eliminates malware posing as a/v software. I don't play computer games so I can't speak to the performance tweaks in that regard.

    This is an excellent addition to an already long line of standout products. TM makes for one of the safest, most secure browsing experiences you'll have, and I'd expect nothing less from it.
  • FilmGirl - Great guidanceThis book gives such great guidance on not only how to get out a meet men, but what to do once you get the guy and finally how to keep the guy. I realized that I have to stop the waiting game and get out there and make things happen if I am to meet someone of value and the more I meet, the more likely I have better options to pick and choose who I want to be with. It also teaches you a valuable lesson on how to LIVE your life before, during and after you get the guy. I would highly recommend this book to anyone my friends.