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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 18501 Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • Bill Wakeley - A terrific unit!I had read reviews about how this thing blows dust bunnies around because of the location of the exhaust (low on the front). I guess I could see how that would happen if I vacuumed with the handle in the upright position. But since I tilt the handle back a bit when I vacuum, the exhaust barely hits the floor. So - that isn't a problem at all. Perhaps those reviewers had an earlier version and it's since been redesigned?

    The unit seems to have plenty of suction, for both carpet and hardwood (laminate) floors. It's lightweight, which means that I'll be able to carry it out to the garage (separate building/across the yard) easily to vacuum the car. It isn't terribly quiet, but what vacuum is? I suppose emptying the dust container will be a bit messy - I haven't needed to do that yet - but I always do it outside. Any - it can't be as messy as the dust container for my previous vacuum (a Kenmore). I think for the price, it's a great model.

    Shipping was fine - it arrived earlier than the Amazon estimate. I looked around - this was the best price I could find for the unit. Saved about $20 over the big box stores.
  • scarygary - WILL ACCEPT 64 GB micro SD cards!Let me END the talk over whether or not the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 10.1 will accept the new 64 GB micro SD cards. In a nutshell, The TAB 2 WILL mount up and allow the use of the 64 GB card! I put one in MY TAB 2, did a quick check of the "storage" page in the "settings" menu, and THERE IT WAS, ready to use. If you get one, make sure that you TURN YOUR TABLET OFF before installing the card, then turn it ON normally to get the tablet to recognize it. The SANDISK 64 GB card is only $52 on AMAZON. Don't make the mistake of getting the cheaper ($22) no-name cards available on AMAZON! they are usually counterfeit, and likely do not have 64 GB of memory on them. If the no-name ones even load up, they pretty much always have CONSIDERABLY less memory than the amount stated in the AD. I bought a couple of 16 GB no-names once, and they actually had 2 GB on them, and constantly gave errors when transferring data. Stick with the name-brand and you can't go wrong!
  • Katelyn Sutherland - IT WORKED!!!!I ordered this for my college class high school students, and after reading some reviews it was making me so nervous that it wouldn't work, but I read a lot of positive ones too. I was praying that it would work and wasn't wasting my kids money! IT WORKED GREAT!!!! We didn't have any problems at all. Worked on the first try. If it ships from Amazon you can count on it. It's when you buy a "new" or "used" from 3rd party people that are selling it then you might get into problems!!!
  • Michael Crawford - Outstanding scholarship and writing skillWhether you are a Christian or not, this book will change your understanding of the time in which Jesus of Nazareth lived, the man himself and his disciples. I could not put the book down. Aslan could teach writing as well as history. The quality of his scholarship is earth-moving. Now I have read two upending histories in my life, the other being Toynbee's "Study of History."