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  • Andrzej Rusztowicz - Wife loves itI don't drink coffee, but I bought it after observing my wife's adventures with various coffee makers. She has a single preferred kind of coffee, so instead of trying yet again all-purpose machine, I found this one. She gave it a try and she says it's the best coffee she has ever had. Also, it's very quiet. Oh, and it makes really great cocoa, too.
  • Knightsbridgelvr - Great information without having to do the dirty workFor me, this was a helpful book to learn about living naturally without having to read some boring book filled with just facts and research and scary information with no helpful tips on how to actually implement changes into your lifestyle.

    Jessica is honest in saying that she isn't some expert scientist or doctor that knows everything about living naturally. She is forthcoming about this book being a sort of journal of her own experiences. She learned a lot of information from other experts along the way and started a company ... and wrote this book to share the knowledge she gained.

    The facts are stated simply and she provides actual solutions and alternatives. The pictures are beautiful and will be a nice added bonus for her fans. I love the recipe suggestions as well as actual cosmetics brands to try that are more natural.
  • Reuben Gathright "rgathright" - The Crucial 480Gb SSD is the ultimate way to store and play video!The Crucial 480Gb M500 series SSD is the next generation of high speed drives from one of the most trusted leaders in the data storage industry. At the core of many of my home computers and laptops are SSD SATA drives. SSD drives are very reliable in high temperature climates and as a result have become my choice for use in these extreme conditions.

    The previous generation off SSD from Crucial was called the M4 and they were capable of up to 400MB/s read and 260Mb/s write speeds. The Crucial M500 improves those speeds to an advertised 500MB/s read and 400MB/s write speeds. The dramatic jump in performance comes from a 20nm Micron Nand or memory chip with a special type of coprocessor that boosts data transfer speeds. In short, this is not just a larger SSD from Crucial but rather a new generation.

    To test this SSD with real world performance, it was added as a third storage drive on my home video surviellance system. The Windows 7 64bit system uses Luxriot to record video from a high resolution IP camera. The video stream is stored on an Intel 520 series SSD which, during testing, was capable of reaching 25.2 FPS at H.264. Using the Crucial 480Gb M500, the video frame rate jumped to 27.8 FPS at H.264 over the past 4 days that it was used.

    Beyond its speed, the real reason I continue to use SSD drives in my video surveillance computers is their heat tolerance. My home digital video recorder is in a garage where all the cabling from the older surveillance cameras is located. A traditional spinning hard drive reached temperatures over 175F in my garage and often caused the system to reboot or shut down during the heat of the day. Once I began using SSD drives the problem went away and the highest temperature the Crucial 480Gb M500 has hit so far was 92F.

    In conclusion, the Crucial M500 480Gb SSD is in my opinion the best combination of value and speed on the market today.
  • Brandon Webb - Spec Ops PerspectiveFull disclosure: I've become friends with Jeremy prior to this book coming out. I'm a fellow writer but also served over a decade in the Special Operations community. I'm not another journalist or writer opining about something I don't know about, and I don't give fluff reviews just because a friend writes a book. My full in-depth review will come soon on SOFREP.

    While I found Blackwater admittedly somewhat biased (a great read none-the-less), Dirty Wars is incredibly researched, and critical across the political divide.

    Dirty Wars is chock full of incredible and insightful information that will leave most readers uncomfortably informed. I imagine reading this book will be kind of like the first Matrix movie where one of the characters comes to know what reality "is" but chooses to plug back into delusion because reality is too uncomfortable to deal with. This is the situation in America right now, and best we admit we have serious issues that require serious solutions.

    Great work Jeremy.

    Brandon, Former Navy SEAL and Editor of SOFREP