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  • jwayne - Tiny. Consistent. Quality.These days Apple is losing the excitement factor over the Android phones and tablets that are fancier and come in enough shapes and sizes to suit your taste. I, myself, have tried the Android phones and tablets but have come back to Apple for two main reasons: Consistency and Quality,
    I have always wanted an iPad but the cumbersome and awkward size was always the turn off to me. I wanted something easy to carry and put away; the iPad just seemed a bit too large. I eventually gave in to an Android tablet and Enjoyed it to an extent but it became clunky and cluttered. The quality felt a bit too plasticky as well.
    Then Apple announced the iPad Mini and I was ready to give it a try. THIS DEVICE ROCKS! I cannot say enough good things about it; it's the quality hardware and software Apple is known for. I can always count on my iPad Mini to work and do so like it did the first time, never slowing down.
    So... If you are in the market for a small tablet and don't mind paying the premium I highly recommend the iPad Mini. Sure, it's a bit more expensive but if you have it know you are paying for a slick device that won't turn into a frustrating paper weight next year. :)
  • L. Stern - Recommended by my doctorMy doctor recommended this brand as the best one to take to aid digestion and get all the good benefits of probiotics. I have had no negative effects from it.