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  • FreeChorizo - Binders Full of Women! Yeah buddy!I can't tell you how pleased I am to have obtain such a fantastic set of binders... FULL OF WOMEN! I now have every woman catagorized by ethinicty, hair color, measurements, and most importantly, the ability to cook after she has been working all day... doing my job... for less pay.

    its no wonder good ole Billy Clinton got happy when HE heard about the binders full of women!

    Highly recommend if you have too many women and you need a way to sufficiently organize them.
  • Tammy R. Burgin - Mizuno Women's Wave RiderThis is the 4th or 5th pair of Wave Riders I've purchased. They are light weight and have a wider toe box with secure heel. (I have duck feet... narrow heel normal "toe" area) They have good arch support. I do however get doctor shoals arch support inserts for all my walking shoes as I have a high arch. I've been told I dont pronate so other styles of Mizuno would not be comfortable for me. For those of you that walk and run without your foot rolling to the inside or outside this is the style for you. I love mine.
  • Detailed Video Reviews - The first diet approach that I can live withI lost 17 pounds in 4 weeks by eating foods I like in much larger portions than I normally eat. I found the approach easy to adapt to my lifestyle and I love not having to count calories. It is sustainable for me because there is nothing other than real food involved -- no power drinks or pills
  • A Customer - Landmark Rock Opera.The Wall is an absolute classic and one of the greatest albums ever made. It's also my favorite right after Dark Side Of The Moon. There's great songwriting and an interesting story, it's a concept album and possibly the greatest rock opera of all time. It was inspired by some true events like Roger Waters' mental breakdown during the 1978 In the Flesh? Tour and Syd Barret's metal illness from LSD which he had to leave the band. There's a lot of fictional themes throughout also. If you want to understand the concept more than I'd also recommend Pink Floyd: The Wall (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) movie. It's a much darker and more mature offering of their discography. However the music is the best part in my opinion and the album has several popular tracks throughout, like their smash-hit Another Brick In the Wall (pt 2) along with Comfortably Numb, Young Lust, Hey You, Mother and Run Like Hell. The Wall is a change in direction and it put PF back in the mainstream after people criticized '77 Animals. The songs are a bit rawer and harsher sounding but more polished than Animals and not quite as hard rock.
  • Gift Card Customer "Yeahhhh boyeee" - Couldn't ask for a better camera.We had a rash of break-ins in our neighborhood during work hours. Having spent a small fortune on "professional" surveillance systems for my business, I wanted something a little less expensive, and I definitely didn't want a monthly fee attached to it. So I picked up one of these cameras to give it a whirl. I've got a little more experience than the average Joe, but the setup seemed easy enough. I was up in under five minutes. The toughest part was synchronizing it to my wireless router, but WPS makes that fairly painless. The quick-start instructions were pretty clear. Our remote access has been flawless. Both my wife and I have been able to watch (and HEAR) these cameras on our Android smartphones for several months without fail. The picture isn't as HD as I'd like it to be, but it's still not too shabby. It's clear enough to make out faces and details. The low light via infrared isn't too bad either. I did have one issue with the internal add-on SD card. I had to try two different ones before I found one that worked. It seems to hate the newer SD cards, but I believe a firmware update may have resolved that issue. I haven't done it yet, but the 8 GB SD card I have installed works fine. The e-mail notifications are awesome. I've got mine set up to send me five e-mail attachments with each motion detection. My favorite part is that I can move the camera nearly 360 degrees with my phone. My teenage kids think it's spooky that I can watch them from work and hear their arguments all over the house verbatim. No more he-said she-said -- I've got the truth now :) Overall, recommend highly. Mine has been in operation for almost 6 months, and no problems whatsoever.