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  • Christopher Spindler - starwarsfanclub

    This toy is cool but if it cost less money than more people would get it .It was fun making it but it needs more details in the instructions so it will be easier to put together.The person who made it needs more blasters because not all the troopers can get one.Could you get more droids for the mini mtt?Could you add a mini snowspeeder?why isn't there an at-at driver?Could you add horns to darth maul sata claus?

  • Pam Smith - Law-tied Uterus Syndrome

    At age 68, at the feet of Sen Wendy Davis, I found myself in awe of these shoes. The one day that I have worn them has rejuvenated the feeling that I own my personal uterus. I can feel the states of Texas, Virginia, Mississippi, Wisconsin, etc, slowly dropping out of my lady parts. These shoes make me feel lighter and more in control of my body. I highly recommend these shoes to the busybody men who play doctor in the governments of all states and in the federal government, as well. May all of these men wear these shoes with courage and experience the pleasures of their hands rather than imagining the little men fetuses pleasuring them.

  • benz4417 - A (way) better antivirus software

    Well, so far so good. Having removed all traces of my previous anti-virus software, I have been using Webroot for over a month now. Works flawlessly, in the background. Warnings are discreet, and I really like the recap summary that appears at Windows start-up. I plan on keeping and renewing my Webroot subscription. I have recommended the software to half a dozen friends already. They are all intending to try Webroot. Thank you ! Keep up the good work !

  • D. D. EVERETT "I Cannot Live Without Books!" - Beyond delightful! A MUST have.

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this book. On so many levels, it is indeed a must-have. Going to England? It is a must have. THINKING about going to England? It is a must have. Journaling, and want to see how to really do it? This is a must have. Need a pick-me-up every so often, and want to turn to something that will center you and make you feel that all is right with the world? This is a must have. Want to hold a work of art in your hands, and at the same time feel the love that went into it, and the good vibes pouring out of it? THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE. Period. Buy it without reservation.